Severed Finger Hot Dogs
Severed finger hot dogs
Nathan Congleton
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Sometimes it's hard to get kids to slow down and eat at a Halloween party but when they see these gory hot dogs, they'll scarf 'em right down. 


Swap option: Instead of traditional hot dogs, you can also use turkey dogs or large veggie sausages.


    • 8 hot dogs
    • 8 hot dog buns
    • Ketchup


1. Boil a large pot of water.

2. Take the hot dogs and carve them into fingers: To make the fingernails, slice the two sides of the fingernail then straight across the top. Then, make a slightly curved slice for the bottom of the nail bed. Next, take your knife and carefully slice the tiny piece off. 

3. To make the knuckles, make one slit along the middle with two crescent-shaped slits directly above and below. Then, halfway between the knuckle and the nail, make two crescent slits. Repeat at the very bottom. 

4. Boil the hot dogs for 4 to 5 minutes until cooked

5. Place each finger-shaped hot dog into a hot dog bun loaded with ketchup. For an extra creepy effect, be sure to smear some ketchup on the bottom of each “severed finger” and add more to the top of the bun.