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The 'Sean Evans' Sandwich

'Hot Ones' host Sean Evan's signature sandwich
'Hot Ones' host Sean Evan's signature sandwichTODAY
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Chef notes

Sean Evans, the host of the wildly popular series 'Hot Ones,' the show with hot questions and even hotter wings, surprisingly doesn't like things that spicy, so he goes lighter on the hot sauce and heavier on the mayo for his Reubenesque creation.


  • Kaiser roll
  • Corned beef
  • Raclette, melted
  • Los Calientes hot sauce
  • Lots of mayo
  • Chicken salt
  • Coleslaw


Use your raclette grill according to instructions. Place a slice of cheese into the raclette dish, then position under the grill to melt. In the meantime, cut kaiser roll in half and pile with corned beef. Once cheese melts, scrape it onto the corned beef, dash it with hot sauce, smear top half of roll with mayo (liberally!), sprinkle on some chicken salt, scoop on some coleslaw, and place the top half of roll on top.