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Potato crisps with anise and chocolate

Serves 4 Servings


  • 2 bintje potatoes
  • 800 milliliters grapeseed oil
For covering and serving
  • 2 bintje potatoes
  • 800 milliliters grapeseed oil
  • 400 gram couverture chocolate
  • 20 gram powdered cocoa butter
  • 4 gram green anise seeds
  • 4 gram fennel seeds


Baking Directions:

Potatoes Peel the potatoes and slice them finely into cold water.

Leave the slices in the cold water until the starch has rinsed out and then pat dry.

Heat the oil carefully in a deep fryer to approximately 340 F and fry the potatoes until crisp.

Cool on grease-absorbent paper.

For covering and servingMelt the chocolate and the cocoa butter and bring to 120 F.

Temper it to 80 F, and then increase the temperature back to 85 F.

Pull the potatoes through the tempered chocolate to cover them completely, then cool on a tray.

Sprinkle the anise and fennel seeds over the potatoes before they have cooled completely.