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Lemony Chicken and Rice Casserole

Cook Time:
1 hr
Prep Time:
20 mins

Chef notes

Not only are casseroles a great way to feed your whole family, but they often feature multiple components of a meal (like the protein and starch), which means there is less to think about when assembling a well-rounded dinner. This recipe is a prime example. It features tender chicken thighs that are baked on a bed of creamy rice so all that’s really left to do is serve it with a veggie. Pair this casserole with a green salad or a side of roasted broccoli for a dinner that’s sure to satisfy.

While many casseroles can be heavy and rich, this one is wonderfully balanced. It’s cozy and creamy, thanks to store-bought cream of chicken soup and Parmesan cheese but freshly grated lemon zest, lemon slices, and thinly sliced basil keep it from being too decadent. The lemon and fresh herbs provide welcome brightness here and make it all too easy to go back for a second helping. 

Since you’ll bake this chicken and rice casserole for almost an hour, we don’t recommend using chicken breasts. Since breasts contain less fat, they run the risk of drying out in the oven. Thighs, on the other hand, will stay exceptionally moist and flavorful. Plus, since you’ll brown the thighs before placing them in the casserole dish, you’ll get the added bonus of crispy chicken skin. 

You can, however, swap the cream of chicken soup out for cream of mushroom soup if you prefer — or if that’s what you already have in the pantry. 

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