Minion Bento Sandwich
Minion sandwich
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Note: You can have fun with the Minions' personalities by making different eyes and mouths for each of them.


    • 1 slice white sandwich bread
    • 1 slice deli ham
    • 1 slice orange cheddar cheese
    • 1 slice white cheddar cheese
    • nori wrappers
    • water
  • Equipment

    • food-safe scissors
    • Round cookie cutters in various sizes


To make the Minion: Place ham on slice of bread and top with orange cheddar cheese. Cut crust off bread, removing excess ham and cheese (there might not be any excess, depending on type of meat and cheese you use).

Using a knife or food safe scissors, trim top two corners to round the edges.

To make the eyes: Cut a 1/2-inch x 4-inch strip of nori and place it on top of the sandwich. Cut out two nori circles and place them on top of the nori strip. Cut out two smaller, white cheddar cheese circles and place on top of the nori circles. To add the pupils, cut even smaller circles of nori out and place on top of white cheddar cheese circles. 

To make the smile: Cut a half circle out of the nori. Cut half ovals out of the white cheddar cheese to make the teeth.