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Mini Fried Chicken Burger
Judy Joo shows us three recipes to make with oven-fried chicken
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Where's the beef? That's a question you won't be asking after you try these zesty, crispy Korean fried chicken burgers. They use chicken thigh meat, so they're incredibly tender and juicy. 


    • Leftover fried chicken thighs, deboned
    • Sweet and spicy chili sauce, to taste
    • Brioche burger buns
    • Iceberg lettuce
    • Kewpie Japanese mayo


1. Take your leftover fried chicken thighs.

2. To assemble, the chicken burger, top one half of the brioche bun with a chicken thigh. Add the chili sauce and top with lettuce.

3. On one half of the brioche bun, add a smearing of Kewpie mayo for extra flavor. 

4. Put the burger together and enjoy.