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Marinated Anchovies with Pickled Peppers and Fried Rosemary

Seamus Mullen's superfood recipe for marinated anchovies with pickled peppers and fried rosemary
TODAY Show: Seamus Mullen whips up four superfood recipes with rosemary and anchovies that could help you live longer. -- May 17, 2016Samantha Okazaki / TODAY


  • 1 cup olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 4 sprigs rosemary, leaves only
  • Sea salt
  • 12 fillets anchovies (I like to use the white Spanish "Boquerones" or pickled anchovies)
  • 1/4 cup reserved frying oil from the crispy rosemary
  • pickled peppers, chopped (like pepperoncini or Spanish piparras)
  • 2 tablespoons parsley, chopped

Chef notes

This dish combines two super foods: anchovies and rosemary. Rosemary has been shown to increase blood circulation to the brain as well as containing anti-inflammatory immune system support compounds. Anchovies are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids.

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In a small pot, add the olive oil and garlic clove. Heat to 325° on a candy thermometer. Carefully fry the rosemary in the oil for 1 minute. Remove the fried rosemary leaves and place them on a plate lined with a paper towel. Season with sea salt.


Allow the infused oil to cool to room temperature, then discard the clove of garlic.


In a medium sized tray with a rim, arrange the anchovy fillets and top with 1/4 cup of the rosemary-and-garlic infused oil. Sprinkle with the chopped pickled peppers and the parsley. Finish with the crispy rosemary.


Enjoy on their own as a tapas snack, or mixed in with a salad.