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Make a Dark & Stormy cocktail the right way
Dark and Stormy cocktail
Maureen Petrosky/TODAY
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Prep time:
1 drink

The Dark and Stormy cocktail may seem like a very simple drink to make, but like all cocktails it’s also very easy to mess up. There are only three ingredients, but each is equally important.

The featured spirit in this glass is dark rum. Dark rum is the key to its rich flavor and deep color. You can substitute light or clear rum but then you will not be making a dark and stormy. As for the ginger beer- this is NOT ginger ale. Ginger beer is not beer in the sense of say a lager. It is labeled beer because it is brewed and fermented but is non-alcoholic. It pours up an intense ginger flavor unlike ginger ale, which is a sweet soda that lacks the kick of ginger beer.


Lastly, like when making all cocktails, squeeze juice whenever possible. Avoid the use of bottled lime or lemon juice. They often have added preservatives and chemicals that alter the taste and lack the freshness of hand- squeezed juice. So grab your glass, these three ingredients, some ice and a stirrer and you’ll be sipping a delicious drink in no time.



    • 2 ounces dark rum
    • 3 ounces ginger beer
    • ½ ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
    • Ice
    • Lime wheel or wedge, for garnish


In a tall glass filled with ice, add the dark rum, ginger beer and the lime juice and stir to combine. Add a lime wheel or wedge and serve.