Let It Beet
Let It Beet Juice
Mike Mendell / The Ultimate Book of Modern Juicing
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About the recipe: Kidney cleanser, circulation improver, and cardiovascular supporter. Give your gallbladder and liver a little love, build up the red corpuscles, and stimulate the lymphatic system throughout the body with the right combination of vitamins and minerals. Add some extra vitamin C to help prevent the risk of developing prostrate and other cancers and get a bonus of detoxification of the body. Drink up and you will help to fight oxygen free radicals (which damage cells), lower cholesterol, and support a healthy immune system.

More from Mimi Kirk: This drink is great after a workout, says Kirk. "Beets may help improve stamina and endurance," she says. Plus, the vitamin C from the citrus can help reduce inflammation.


    • 1–1½ cups filtered water
    • 1 handful dark leafy greens
    • 2 beet leaves
    • 1/2 beetroot, peeled
    • 1/2 pink grapefruit, juiced
    • 1 carrot, scrubbed and cut in chunks
    • 1-inch piece ginger, peeled


Blend all ingredients in order listed in a high-speed blender.