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Jell-O Eyeball Shots

Elizabeth Heiskell's Jello Eyeball Shots
Elizabeth Heiskell's Jello Eyeball ShotsNathan Congleton/Megyn Kelly TODAY


  • 2 cups chilled white grape juice, divided
  • 2 envelopes unflavored powdered gelatin
  • 1 cup chilled ginger ale
  • 16-24 gummy eyeballs
  • Chef notes

    Keep an eye out for these terrifyingly tasty drinks ... and they'll keep their eye on you, too. 

    Technique tip: These can be made several days in advance. The gummy eyeballs will gradually absorb moisture and are at their best within 3 days of assembly.

    Swap option: If you want to make these treats for adults, just add vodka!



    Place 1/2 cup of grape juice in a small bowl. Sprinkle the gelatin on top and whisk it in. Allow gelatin to sit for 10 minutes so it softens and absorbs some of the juice.


    Microwave the bowl for 20 seconds to liquefy the gelatin (if it's not fully liquid and clear after 20 seconds, then microwave in 5-second increments just until melted). Take caution since you don't want the gelatin mixture to get hot!


    Combine the remaining grape juice and ginger ale in a large measuring cup or pitcher with a spout. Whisk them together then continue gently whisking as you pour the gelatin in. Pour the juice into 16 plastic shot glasses leaving room at the top since you'll be adding eyeballs later


    Refrigerate the shot glasses for about 30 minutes, checking their texture every 10 minutes. You want the gelatin to start getting thick like cake batter texture. It shouldn't be super firm but it should be thick enough to suspend an eyeball in the middle of the glass. Depending on the temperature of your ingredients and your refrigerator this process can take anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes. Just check the glasses regularly and don't be afraid to check the texture with a spoon.


    When the gelatin is thick enough press an eyeball into the middle of the shot glass, you can use a thin knife or spatula to push it down into their gelatin or just use your finger. Try to position it against the front of the glass so it shows through clearly. Add a second eyeball if you'd like. Continue until all the shot glasses have floating eyeballs.


    Chill the tiny shots until the gelatin is completely firm, about 2 hours.