Gummy Worm Shooter
Gummy worm shooter
Nathan Congleton
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This recipe is very versatile since you can use any flavor gelatin you like. This dessert also goes well beyond Halloween: it's great for school events and birthday parties, too! 


Technique tip: Use soft-sided medicine cups to make it easier to squeeze into your mouth. 


Swap option: You can add vodka where it calls for water to make this shooter into a cocktail adults can slurp. 



    • Mini sour gummy worms
    • Regular gummy worms
    • Lime-flavored green gelatin
    • Six 5-ounce plastic shooter cups
    • Wooden skewers


1.  Prepare the gelatin as directed on the packaging. 

2.  While the gelatin is still liquid, fill each plastic shooter halfway with the gelatin.

3.  Place the shooters in the fridge for 45-60 minutes, and reserve the remaining gelatin.

4.  Remove the shooters from the fridge and use the wooden skewer to push 3 or 4 of the mini worms into the gelatin.

5.  Hang a larger gummy worm over the rim of each of the shooters and fill the cups with the remaining gelatin, leaving about an inch of space on the top.

6.  Place the shooters back into the fridge for 3 to 4 hours or until fully set.