Grilled Nutella and Peeps Dessert Sandwiches
Nathan Congleton / TODAY
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Sometimes, a day-old Peep (when the sugar crust is slightly crunchy and the marshmallow within is more dense) totally hits the spot. And when it's smooshed under the weight of your palm and placed into a sandwich with Nutella and then grilled, forget it ... that's just pure sugary happiness!


  • Nutella and Peeps Sandwich

    • Sourdough bread, 2 slices
    • Nutella
    • 1-3 day-old Peeps, flattened with palm, plus more for serving (optional)


1. Spread Nutella on slices of bread and top with 2 flattened peeps.

2. Close the sandwich with another slice of bread.

3. In a large nonstick skillet, melt a little butter. Grill the sandwich, turning once, and add more butter as needed, until golden on the outside and the peeps are melted. Cut the sandwich in half and serve.