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Mini Football Lime Wedges
Carrie Parente / TODAY
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Prep time:
10 limes

Are you ready to up your cocktail game? These football lime wedges are the perfect finishing touch for any game day party drink. Use smaller key limes for a manageable decoration! 

Special equipment required: Using a dremel works best to carve out the laces but a seafood pick can also work well. 


    • 10 small limes or key limes


1. Using a dremel or seafood pick, carefully carve a long, thin strip down the center of 1 lime (lengthwise). You should carve deeply enough to see the white pith but shouldn't be digging too far into the fruit.

2. Going across the first carved line, carve 4 or 5 shorter lines to mimic football laces.

3. Starting about 1/2 inch from the base of the lime, carve a thin circle around the circumference of the top of the lime. Repeat on the other end of the fruit. 

4. To garnish a drink, cut into the lime (about halfway through) and stick it onto the edge of a glass. Enjoy!