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5-Minute Chunky Guacamole
5-Minute Chunky Guacamole
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Make this delicious dip when avocados are plentiful and cheap. Don't be tempted to buy them if they're really soft because when avocados are over-ripe they develop an unpleasant turpentine-like flavor. Serve as a snack with store-bought or homemade tortilla chips or raw vegetable crudités.


    • 3 just-ripe avocados, peeled and pitted
    • 1 large ripe tomato, finely diced
    • 1 green onion, finely sliced, green and white
    • 1 large clove garlic, crushed
    • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
    • 1/4 cup lemon or lime juice
    • 1/2 teaspoon finely chopped red chiles (like fresnos), or more to taste
    • 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro leaves


Place the avocado flesh in a medium bowl and mash with a fork until semi-smooth. Add all other ingredients (reserving a little of the green part of the green onion, a little cilantro and a little of the chili for garnish) and stir to combine. Adjust seasonings to taste.

Transfer to a serving bowl and garnish with the onion, chiles and cilantro. Serve immediately with store-bought or Homemade Tortilla Chips or fresh vegetable crudités. Use within 3 to 4 hours of making.