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Ice, ice baby! Zoe Saldana addresses pregnancy in Ice Bucket Challenge video

The Ice Bucket Challenge videos for ALS awareness are coming in faster than we can mop up, but a few celebrity offerings are worth pointing out. Zoe Saldana tops our list today, namely because in her video, the actress finally addresses her pregnancy.

Standing poolside, Saldana, 36, pivots to reveal a profile of her baby bump and rubs her belly. "Obviously I can't do it myself, so I nominate my husband," she says as Marco Perego is shown sitting in a chair with his hair up.

After Saldana challenges, among others, her "Avatar" director James Cameron and actress Salma Hayek, Perego gets doused and then leaps into the pool behind him in his sweat pants.

Check out a few more new and noteworthy videos from stars who have taken on the very trendy task of filming themselves getting soaked.

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Tom Cruise and "Mission Impossible 5" director Chris McQuarrie took 15 buckets of water over their heads, with Cruise exclaiming at one point, "How much more?"

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters put on a prom dress and reenacted "Carrie" with his bandmates, complete with interspersed shots from the horror classic.

"Two and a Half Men" star Jon Cryer was challenged twice, so first he takes a bucket of water and then, to answer former co-star Charlie Sheen, he dumps $10,000 (in prop money) on his head.

"That was a slow pour," Emma Stone said after accepting her challenge, and nominating boyfriend and "Spider-Man 2" co-star Andrew "Garfield(of dreams)."

Just back from the store with an armload of groceries, Emily Blunt gets soaked in the front yard by husband John Krasinski. Yes, it's probably staged, but yes, the water was real.

Ashley Tisdale took the challenge and, while still shivering, nominated Zac Efron, who just happened to be right there and ready to get soaked. "That was way colder than anticipated," he said.

And finally, Vogue editor Anna Wintour accepted the challenge and, in what may be a first, revealed that her her finely sculpted hairdo is not impervious to water. 

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