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Zachary Quinto picks his creepiest 'American Horror Story' scene

Charles Sykes / Today
Zachary Quinto talks about what he thinks was the creepiest "AHS" scene he's had to do.

If Spock were capable of expressing emotion, he would be horrified by the characters Zachary Quinto has played in "American Horror Story."

Stopping by "Watch What Happens Live" as part of his promotional tour for the new "Star Trek Into Darkness" flick, in which the actor reprises his role as Spock, Quinto cheerfully fielded questions from fans.

When one caller asked him to name the creepiest scene he's filmed for "AHS," he recounted a particularly uncomfortable moment from season two.

In the "Asylum" scene, his sadistic psychiatrist Oliver Thredson ordered his lesbian patient Lana Winters to engage in an unusual method to "cure" her of her homosexuality.

"The weirdest scene I had to film was with my great friend Sarah Paulson. I was doing this aversion therapy ..." he said, laughing along with host Andy Cohen and fellow guest Alyson Hannigan. "It was really weird because we've been friends for a long time."

Fans of the creepy FX series likely know exactly which non-family-friendly scene the actor was describing.

"AHS" is full of eyebrow-raising moments, but Quinto spent half a year missing most of his bushy facial feature.

"For seven months I had to shave them," he grumbled good-naturedly about his "Star Trek" character's angled eyebrows. "It wasn't a good look for me. There was waxing, there was shaving. I (wore) a lot of glasses and hats."