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Your thoughts on the Oscar nominations

Many of you were upset that ‘The Passion’ was all but ignored

“The Aviator” leads the field with 11 Oscar nominations. Here's what you think:

I am so happy that Virginia Madsen was nominated. I have been a great fan of hers since her teen days (“Electric Dreams,” etc.) and especially in “Creator” and “Gotham.” Her talent has been underestimated.—Marijane Wernsman, Lubbock, Texas

I am ecstatic about Jamie Foxx's nomination for best actor in Ray. Foxx's portrayal as Ray Charles was superb.Dr. Sharon E. , Tuscaloosa, Ala.

I am very pleased with all the nominations with one exception: Clint Eastwood for best actor. He is an amazing actor and a wonderful director, but his performance in “Million Dollar Baby” did not stand out. I was extremely disappointed to see the Academy overlook Paul Giamatti (once again) for his terrific performance in “Sideways.” I wish the Academy would honor comedic actors along with the dramatic. —Jennifer, Orange County, Calif.

I was happy to see Johnny Depp nominated again. His body of work is varied, interesting and always well performed. The difference in performances between his nomination for last year and this year is very stark. I don't believe Jaime Foxx should win based on one performance and that fact that people might feel sympathetic toward Ray Charles.—Marge, Carlstadt

I think “The Phantom of the Opera” was not nominated for nearly enough Oscars. That movie was wonderful. Emmy Rossum was superb, along with Gerard Butler and the rest of the cast. The quality of the picture and how it was presented was great. I don't think you could have asked for a better pair of directing and producing.Lynn, Ypsilanti, MI

I can't believe they didn't pick “Passion of the Christ” for a nomination for best picture! That's ridiculous. I thought some of the picks were worthy but please, none of them made me feel like I felt when I left the “Passion.” OK, the material was time worn but the presentation was what made the movie unique as well. They need to add it to the nominations for best picture. Period.—DmV

Eric Bana played an incredible Hector in “Troy.” Definitely deserving of at least a best supporting actor nod; if not best actor.—Robert Moore, Goose Creek, S.C.

I am very happy to see that Don Cheadle was nominated for best actor. He is one of the best, most well-rounded actors out there today. However, “Hotel Rwanda” not getting a best picture nod did surprise me. —Greg Sargent, Edmond, Okla

Once again, some great performances in films released early in the year are ignored. In particular, Kurt Russell's performance as Herb Brooks in “Miracle” comes to mind.—Richard Kenny, Londonderry N.H.

I am extremely glad to see that “Before Sunset” received at least one nomination, and I hope that Linklater, Delpy and Hawke walk away with the Oscar. In my opinion, both Hawke and Delpy deserved best actor/actress nominations. I was also disappointed to see that “Kill Bill Vol. 2” did not receive a nomination for best original screenplay.Susanna Dubois

I am happy to see a wonderful movie like “Sideways” be acknowledged in a community that rarely finds awards in humor. I do however feel that leaving out the beautifully written and filmed movie “Garden State” in the categories of original screenplay and cinematography is not only Oscar flaunting its renowned snobbishness, but it is a downright tragedy for a compositional film that is so aesthetically pleasing to be left out of the Big Night. Shame on you, Oscar.—Stephanie, Lawrenceville

What happened to Mick Jagger for his song in “Alfie”? It won the Golden Globe and is totally ignored by the Academy.—Larney, Laguna Niguel, Calif.

Paul Giamatti deserved a best actor nod. That film was deeply touching because of his performance....that is a shame.—Anne Z., Milwaukee, Wis.

Personally, I am very satisfied with the results. I am even ore glad that Michael Moore's film was shut out as this was the most ridiculous piece of propaganda I have ever viewed. —Erica Marceaux, Lafayette, La.

I think Kevin Spacey did an excellent job as Bobby Darin. Why was he overlooked? He danced, sang and acted a very difficult role. And showed a part of his talent we have never seen before.—Donna Peck, Placitas, N.M.

I think that it was a true injustice that “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” was ignored for best picture and that Jim Carrey was ignored for best actor. It was by far my favorite movie for 2004.—Caroline Kilogre, Baltimore, Md.

James Garner unfairly ignored in “The Notebook”! When will his contributions finally be recognized?—Curt Leger, Great Falls

Javier Bardem and Liam Neeson were unfairly ignored as was Peter Sarsgaard's excellent performance in “Kinsey.” I also think that “The Passion of the Christ” and “Fahrenheir 9/11” should have received nominations in major categories as opposed to the three minor categories for “The Passion of the Christ” and zero for "Fahrenheit 9/11."—Dennis Kriewald, Laredo

I believe DiCaprio’s nomination was overrated. And I was especially shocked to see 11 nominations for this movie. Its a good story. But please, 11 nominations! I hope to see any of the other nominees walk out with the Oscar. —Giovanna, NYC

I'm stoked that Morgan Freeman and Cate Blanchett got nominated and, even though I'm not a big Cruise fan, a bit disappointed that he didn't get a a nom for “Collateral.” And Sandra Oh could have been recognized.—Wendell, Battle Ground, Wash.

I'm very happy about Leonardo DiCaprio. This award is long coming for this talented young actor. He has been overlooked too many times. Perhaps this time he will receive the accolades he deserves.—Rose Marie Robaldo, Tampa, Fla.

“Million Dollar Baby” was absolutely the most powerful movie I have seen in years. It's got my vote for best actor, actress, supporting actor and movie.—Susan Strasburg, Elkridge, Md.

“The Punisher!” Tom Jane’s role was outstanding. Best movie of the year!!! Why has everyone forgot?—Alex Bender, Fishtown

Pretty good this year. I would really like to see Alan Alda get the supporting actor award. Anyone for the other awards will be good. I will root that Johnny Depp gets best actor, although I see his chances are slim for it. Was quite disappointed not to see A Very Long Engagement get a nomination for best foreign film. —Katrina, Seattle, Wash

Shyamalan's “The Village” was best picture and best almost everything! Except, it’s not Hollywood and therefore got not a single nomination.—Meredydd Hunt, Asheville