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Your thoughts on ‘American Idol’ finale

Readers comment on winner, runner-up, guest performers
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"American Idol" has crowned its fifth winner, Alabama's own Taylor Hicks. Both Hicks and "Idol" runner-up Katharine McPhee had plenty of supporters all season long, and the competition from such other singers as Chris Daughtry, Paris Bennett, and Elliott Yamin was fierce.

Here are some of your comments on the show's finale.

DESERVING WINNER“Taylor deserved to win...he was my favorite from the can’t compare Taylor with any other winners...he’s unique and refreshing! I will watch again next year! I may compete! LOL Katherine will fade away!”    --DeeDee

BROADWAY BABY?“Taylor definitely deserved to win. I love Taylor! Katherine will go on to Broadway or soap operas or something fine. I love Paris Bennett and Lisa Tucker—for young gals they were poised and inviting!”    --L

HICKS IS HOT“Taylor Hicks is hot. He is different & unique from any other idol. He relates well with the 20somethings to 50somethings. He definitely deserved to win.”    --Anonymous

PRINCESS GRACE“Kat should have won, more grace and a beautiful voice.”    --Karen

NO SOUL“How could someone who has no singing ability be the Idol Winner? Katherine is the complete package with a terrific voice. The “soul patrol” voters are idiots!”    --Anonymous

TAYLOR WON’T SELL RECORDS“Taylor shouldn’t have been the next American Idol. He has a wonderfully unique voice and personality, but in the end, he won’t sell any records. Him winning American Idol will be the peak of his career. Katherine was too “normal” and too plain to win. I mean think about it, how is she different from Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood (besides the “countryesque” sound)? However, she does have the “Hollywood” look, so if she plays her cards right and doesn’t become another manufactured pop star (ie: Britney Spears) she’ll become successful. Chris Daughtry should have won, hands down. Chris stood his ground on what kind of music he would make. He has everything an artist should have, and let’s be honest—he was smokin’ hot, especially for a bald guy. Elliot Yamin is an honorable mention.”    --Desiree

BORING SHOW; WHO’S BRAXTON?“I was so shock at tonight’s show. I was hoping Taylor would win, but would have been happy if Katherine had also. Tonight’s show was so boring! No good singers on it. What a disaster! A total waste of TV time. I enjoyed Taylor’s singing and Katherine and the best part was Kellie doing her gig with the cook. That was so good. She is so good. I am glad Taylor won and I am not sure if I will watch it next year. It leaves a lot to be desired. I was wondering what does Toni Braxton do? Is she a singer? Taylor did rather good with his version of the song they sang together. I feel Taylor will go far in his success. I wish Kelly had made it to the finals. She is very entertaining. Perhaps we will see her again soon.”    --Anonymous

HAIL TO THE KING“Taylor had me the first time he sang at his audition. Katharine will also sing for her supper, and hopefully sing more blues. Loved Mandisa also. To me, none of the other Idols have ever come close to Taylor in his persona, voice, or entertaining style. Taylor is the new “King”....and he sings through his soul. Indeed, I shall watch Idol. The finale this year was the most entertaining television I have ever seen.”    --Kathleen

KAT TOO CHOREOGRAPHED“Absolutely Taylor deserved to win. This is one of the most predictable Idol. Katharine definitely is a good singer and knows how to work the camera but I feel like she was too choreographed to have fun on stage. It’s hard to find somebody who can sing and perform and Taylor can definitely do both. I can’t wait for his CD to come out!”    --Vivian

THANKING THE BAND“[Taylor is] truly an entertainer who entertains from the heart and soul. He really appreciates music, and you can tell by how he dropped the ‘interview’ in the limo when he yelled out the window at the marching band to thank them, a real ambassador to entertainers American or not.”    --Patty

CHRIS A COMPETITOR“I loved Taylor from the beginning but thought Chris should have won. I also thought Mandisa was really good but unfortunately, I think her weight had something in her not going too far. Of course, I will watch it again next year.”    --Mary

GREAT TALENT“I’ve been a Taylor Hicks fan from the very begining and I’m thrilled he is the new American Idol. My second favorite was and is Elliot!! There was great talent this year right up to the very end.”    --Michele

PURPLE RAIN“What a shame that Idol ruined a great show by finishing with a loser like Prince, or whatever his name is now! It completely ruined a great finale!”    --Anonymous