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Your picks: The next James Bond

So we had our suggestions for the next James Bond and we asked you to make some of your own. Many of you suggested Adrian Paul of “Highlander” fame, but other than him there was no clear favorite. Some lesser-known faces made your list, like Colin Salmon, James Purefoy and Idris Elba — here's hoping Hollywood is as smart as some of our readers.Adrian Paul — he has martial arts skills which

So we had our suggestions for the next James Bond and we asked you to make some of your own. Many of you suggested Adrian Paul of “Highlander” fame, but other than him there was no clear favorite. Some lesser-known faces made your list, like Colin Salmon, James Purefoy and Idris Elba — here's hoping Hollywood is as smart as some of our readers.

Adrian Paul — he has martial arts skills which make him believable in fights and stunts (a la the “Highlander”) and he has the accent. He has the build and cleans up well and looks good in a tux. He's not too well known — I don't know if the audience would have any kind of predisposed notion of what they expect to see as Bond. Clive Owen and Colin Firth? My toilet brush is more interesting. The others are over played and over paid. You have to breath new life into this franchise.  —Kathy Bond (my real name), Lake Mohawk, N.J.

Gerard Butler from “Phantom of the Opera.” —Gina Caguiat, Glendale, Calif.

Pierce Brosnan is the only man for the job. Since the first time I saw him on “Remington Steele” I knew he was the one. No one else comes close to his smooth persona of James Bond. Keep him!  —Maria, Lansing, Mich.

In my opinion, its time for a black James Bond. Idris Elba would be superb. He's suave, smooth, and kicks ass like Pierce Brosnan never could. Idris Elba for the next James Bond! — Matthew Stoecker, Bellevue, Wash. (Editor's note: Just love this suggestion. Hollywood are you listening?)

If I had to pick one of these at gun point it would be Hugh Jackman. The others, while likable for the most part, don't exude the suave, sexiness of a good Bond. Brosnan is great, but I think it's time to move on. How about George Clooney, maybe not as suave as Pierce, definitely not Sean quality, but a respectable choice. How about an open casting call...there has to be the perfect Bond out there somewhere, just waiting to be found. —Debbie deMelo, Newark, Calif.

Sean Bean. Yes, he was a villain in “GoldenEye” but if Woody Allen can be Bond then so can an actor whose original Bond character died.  —KG, Minneapolis, Minn.

Julian McMahon from “Nip/Tuck.” —Ryan Lawrence, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Ewan McGregor is the perfect James Bond. He is a great actor, handsome and charming. Love his accent! I can't imagine anyone who would be a better match. —Tiffany Crumbaugh, Indianapolis, Ind.

I think Russell Crowe could do the role. —M. Pratt, Boise Idaho

Jude Law because of his suave demeanor. —Jean Pereira, San Diego, Calif.

I think Jonny Lee Miller would make an excellent James Bond. —Gordon, Ventura, Calif.

Johnny Depp. He has the look, he does the accent, and he may be the best actor in the business.  —Robert Sprowl, Orville, Ohio

Taye Diggs or Shemar Moore (from “The Young and the Restless”). —Myron Bush, Southfield Miss.

Tim Daly of TV's “Eyes.”  —Dale Allenbaugh

Jason Statham. Let's get serious for the new James Bond. Statham is a Brit, has real martial arts techniques and is no nonsense. Forget the rest of these poseurs. Get a real JB for the 21st Century.  —Phil Craig, Toledo Ohio

Will Smith — he's better then any of the above. Smooth, cool and refined. He is 007. —Al Podboy, Cleveland, Ohio

I am a true Bond fan(atic). I want Clive Owen as Bond and Bjork to do the theme song. And let's lighten up on the CGI while we're at it. —Dean, Seattle, Wash.

James Purefoy. He's ruggedly handsome, suave — he is the epitome of all that is James Bond. —Noelle, Ariz.

Are you kidding me? Why isn't Denzel Washington on this list?!? The guy is as a guaranteed box office draw, he can play sophisticated cool like no one else on your survey except maybe Pierce and Hugh, and he has shown that he has action star power as well. Lastly, as all potential Bonds must show, he can drawn in the women. The ladies all LOVE this guy. He would make an AWESOME James Bond. —Hans Ammitzboll, New Providence, N.J.

Kiefer Sutherland would be a great James Bond. On his show “24” he is like an American James Bond so I think he could really fit into the part. —Name withheld

He should be an unknown. He should try to fit the Connery mold as much as possible. Very attractive but not a pretty boy. Sophisticated. Mid 30s, a lot going on underneath the surface. In my humble opinion Dougray Scott comes closest to those characteristics but isn't quite perfect. —Josh Gordon, Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The guy from “Alias” would be perfect — Michael Vartan. Definitely don't cast Orlando Bloom, Colin Farrell or Colin Firth — they're all too pretty and too effeminate. —Eric, San Diego, Calif.

Gary Sinise from “CSI: New York.” —TConaway, Denton Texas

Patrick Dempsey. —Jan Albertie, Los Banos

James Franco. —Todd Bellucci, Los Angeles, Calif.

Colin Salmon should play Bond after Brosnan finishes with the role. Salmon has the right combination of menace, smooth style and cruel-handsome looks to be Bond. Most of the actors mentioned are too conventionally handsome to do the role justice. —Bill, Falls Church, Va.

Tom Cruise would make good 007. Love him in the “Mission Impossible” movies. Hugh Jackman makes good comic book superhero but can’t see him as 007. —Brenda, Indianapolis, Ind.

Jason Isaacs (“The Tuxedo,” “Harry Potter/Chamber of Secrets & Order of the Phoenix”) —L. Mucha, Savannah, Ga.

Nicholas Cage. Who else but him with the wit and wry sense of humor. Not to mention the man has class, loves fast cars and has a way with the women... Consider his lingering appeal and put him on the wall of lesser candidates here, so he can be properly voted for and fully appreciated. —Jennifer, Newport, Ore.

How could you have listed Ioan Gruffudd as a possible choice and left out Eric Bana or Gerard Butler?! —Lynn Alves, Missoula, Mont.

Matt Damon, he can grow old and mature with the role. —Richard Hollander, Boston Mass.

After the first “XXX” movie, (by the way I do not know why even bother making another “XXX” without him), I think Vin Diesel will do a great job as our next Bond Hero!!!  —Jerry, Miami, Fla.

Billy Boyd — he's a Scotsman! —John Snoddy, Camp Hill, Penn.

Alexis Denisof from the “Angel” TV series. I'm not sure why he might have been overlooked. —Brad, Oxford, Penn.

I think the next Bond should be Ron Livingston (“Sex and the City,” “Office Space,” “Little Black Book”). He is very handsome, and he is a talented actor. I think he would make a great Bond! I would pay to go see him. — Christy, Calif.

How about Hugh Grant as James Bond? It'd be interesting to see him in an action role. —John, Hickory, N.C.

James Marsters from the TV shows “Buffy” and “Angel” could play 007; he’s got the accent and he can act. —Anthony, Melbourne, Australia

Richard T. Jones from “Judging Amy.” He's elegant. Why does it have to be a white guy? —Lauren, St. Paul, Minn.

Christian Bale. Christian BALE!!! —Raina, San Francisco, Calif.

Hugh Laurie would be perfect — the right combination of gravitas, irony and humor. —Name withheld

Rupert Penry-Jones — Give the role to someone who wants it. RPJ has expressed the wish to be the first blonde Bond. He's already shown that he's a good MI6 agent in the UK series “Spooks” (US “MI5”). —Erin, San Francisco, Calif.