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Your favorite Chick Flicks

Sarah Bunting and Tara Ariano gave you . We asked you what Chick Flicks you enjoy and here's how you responded:

“Just want to point out that, ‘The Nicolas Cage Filmography’ also includes probably the number one chick flick of all time, ‘Valley Girl’.”—Barbara, Seattle

“Oh! That is so difficult! There are so many chick flicks that I love and my husband feeds my addiction faithfully, buying me new ones every gift-giving occasion. I think my top five would be: ‘Chocolat,’ ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ ‘Legally Blonde,’ ‘Kate & Leopold’ and ‘Ever After.’ Chick flicks, to me, are pure fantasy. I work hard all day, everyday. I like the escape that a silly, unlikely romantic comedy brings. Sure, they may not be Oscar worthy, or change the way I think of the world, but for that 90 minutes, I get to see a world where broken hearts are healed with a kiss and love really does conquer all.”—Erin, Sacramento

‘Notting Hill’ is my favorite chick flick. Not only is Hugh Grant just the perfect guy, the movie is funny (especially the guy in the underwear flexing his muscles!). I love chick flicks because they give me a choice. I love action, too, because of the half naked men, but chick flicks make you feel good.—Tina Harris, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I am a male and I found it quite controversial when I mentioned I liked ‘The Horse Whisperer.’ Is that a Chick Flick, and should I be concerned with this apparent lapse in masculinity?”—G. Patterson, Framingham, Mass.

“My favorite chick flick has to be ‘Waiting to Exhale.’ It has all the requirements of a chick flick (slumber party scene, friends arguing scene, friends making up scene, friends partying scene, self-discovery scenes) but it doesn't just leave you feeling all warm and bonded with your best girlfriends, it also leaves you feeling empowered with the knowledge that life situations change, challenges come up and men come and go, but you'll be alright with a little help from your friends.—Amber Osborne, Fremont, Calif.

‘Officer and a Gentlemen’ is my favorite chick flick and/or love story. The ending makes me cry every time. I also adored ‘Moulin Rouge.’ You must be very open minded and a real romantic to GET this story. Plus the singing was fantastic.”—Janet Berlin, New Lenox, Ill.

“I can't believe no one has mentioned ‘About Adam’ in the list of great chick flicks! Stuart Townsend is absolutely irresistible, and while Kate Hudson's British accent sounds like cats wailing in an alley, she's so cute that it somehow doesn't seem to matter.” —Suzy, Greenville, S.C.

“Independent chick flicks that are GREAT: ‘Antonia and Jane,’ ‘Double Happiness,’ ‘Career Girls,’ ‘Passion Fish.’ These are chick flicks that have depth, intelligence, wit and yes, sex. Why can't Hollywood chick flicks reach this status of the genre as art rather than self-pity? Just call me ‘a married guy who digs good chick flicks.’”—John, Boston

‘Dirty Dancing’ is my most guilty pleasure. It's such a great movie, yet so cheesy at the same time. I can go either way on the chick flick genre. I don't like movies that intentionally embarrass the audience, but you gotta admit, ‘Hope Floats’ is a mighty fine chick flick. —Kristen, Milwaukee, Wis.

‘Ghost,’ ‘Little Women,’ ‘Beaches.’ Chick flicks are great because they just make you feel good — whether from a happy ending or a good cry.—Kate Whitehouse, Hoboken

“I love chick flicks, but not all of them (as in anything with Andie McDowell). I'm very particular about which chick flicks I choose to view over and over. I absolutely LOVE ‘Never Been Kissed.’ I could watch it once, and when it's over, watch it again. I also love ‘Can't Buy Me Love.’ What's better than a smart, sweet nerd that turns out to be super cute? I recently watched ‘Love Actually’ and cried like a baby and I never cry at movies!”—Katie Mitchell, Orlando, Fla.

“My all-time favorite chick flick was a made-for-TV movie called ‘Letting Go,’ with John Ritter and Sharon Gless. I get first dibs on the weekly TV section and monthly movies on DISH Network, hoping someone will take pity on me and show this film again. So far, no good, but hope springs eternal!”—Karen Cluster, Kent, Wash.

“Love ‘Somewhere in Time,’ with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. I don't usually enjoy this genre, but this movie takes my breath away. The music is haunting, and the story amazing. Only fallback to this movie, box of tissues a must.”—Kimberly Snow, Baldwinsville N.Y.

‘Working Girl.’ Not for just the romance twixt the charming and handsome Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith at her peak, but for the message. Take control, make your dream come true for yourself as no one else is going to do it for you. I loved watching it most when I was not happy in my work. It gave me hope for a better career a better boyfriend — a better dream. When my job was not causing me woes my very favorite was Uma and Janeane in ‘The Truth About Cats and Dogs’ as each of us has had the cuter best friend we have had to compete with in our dating lifetimes. As I am more of a Janeane than an Uma, the movie never failed to make me feel like the guy who would appreciate my inner fabulousness was just around the next corner. I think the basis for Chick Flicks comes down to three main themes. Comfort, Catharsis and Hope.”—K.C. Morrison, Hamilton, Montana

“My favorite chick flick is (I'm embarrassed to even write this) ‘Ice Castles’ starring Lynn-Holly Johnson and that icon of the ’80s, Robby Benson. I couldn't even tell you how many times I've watched this. I even own the soundtrack.”—Donna McCaul Thibodeau, Kenneth City

“Goodness, how many times can I watch ‘Bring It On’? Oh, about 5,000,000. And, certainly, we cannot leave out classics such as ‘The Shop Around the Corner,’ the basis for the less enjoyable ‘You've Got Mail.’ I'll take the cuter-than-a-Labrador-puppy Jimmy Stewart over Tom Hanks anytime. And last, but definitely not least, I could watch Kenneth Branagh's ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ everyday — TWICE — for the rest of my life and never get sick of it. Branagh crying out ‘Love me — why?!’ is pure Shakespearean genius — and really stinkin' adorable to watch.”—Aleesha, Columbia, Mo.

“Fave chick flick? ‘Kate & Leopold’ Why? Hugh Jackman. He's delicious enough when he's just standing around being too handsome for words, but when you add Leopold's old-world chivalry, suddenly he's irresistible. Even Meg Ryan's worst haircut ever doesn't detract from the movie, because when Jackman's on screen you'll never look at her. Great chick flick? For sure. Great date movie? Probably not. Your guy will never measure up.”—Jennifer Dakota

‘Cousins’ is my favorite chick flick of all time. Usually I hate those types of movies, but that one is terrific. I love Isabella Rossellini!”—Erin, Ozark, Mo.

‘Terms of Endearment.’ We all need a good cry.”—Leah Amador, Austin, Texas

‘Strictly Ballroom’ hands down! I'm not sure this is considered a chick flick. My wife does not like this movie and I have no idea why not. It is romantic, quirky, has a great soundtrack, and fabulous progression. In all honesty, chick flicks, like any subgenre, have a great range of quality and no single movie should be discounted because of its intended audience. Same thing can be said about children and guy movies. Good movies are good movies!”—Daniel Thomas, Seattle

“Was I the only one to ever see ‘Mrs. Soffel’ with Mel Gibson, Matt Modine and Diane Keaton. It's dark, it's romantic, it's depressing and totally wonderful!!”—Curtisse, Rochester

“As a guy, if I had to sit through a chick flick, I would pick ‘The Sweetest Thing.’ It's got the love story plot for a chick to like, but it's raunchy enough for a guy to like (especially the unrated version in HBO).”—Dave, Burlington, N.J.

“My favorite chick flick is ‘What's Love Got to Do With It.’ Tina Turner in her glory. Love the limo fight with Ike and the scene right after that where they walk into the hotel bloodied, but proud. Once she leaves Ike and collects an armful of Grammys, all is right with the world. Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburn should have won Oscars for their roles.”—Alison, Atlanta, Ga.

“Does A&E's ‘Pride and Prejudice’ count? Or ‘Room with a View’? My husband's favorite movies include the aforementioned P&P and ‘Fried Green Tomatoes.’ He hates ‘Steel Magnolias.’ We both like ‘While You Were Sleeping’ (the premise is a bit unbelievable, but still...). And the movie I had to admit I watched (more than once, more than twice) is ‘IQ.’”—Toni

“I am guilty of snatching the remote off my sleeping boyfriend to sneak chick flicks just about every night. I'll stay up until 3 a.m. feeding my addiction. He tries to wake me up in the morning, and all he sees are puffy eyes and tissues everywhere! My favorite chick flick is ‘The Very Thought of You.’ Girl heads for England to start a new life and three guys (best friends) fall in love with the same girl (without the girl knowing they are pals). It's just the typical ‘I wish that was my life’ kind of movie. I sit there and just cry. Also ‘Amelie’ is another great heart-fluttery movie. As soon as my boyfriend leaves the house, I'm on the couch with ice cream (not even kidding) and a box of tissues. These are my most comforting moments of my week.

Men keep their chins up when bragging about how many times they've seen ‘Rocky.’ Why do we hide how many times we've seen ‘You've Got Mail’? CHICK FLICKS DO NOT EQUAL WEAKNESS!!!””—Kimberly, Maspeth

‘Heathers’ and ‘She's All That’ are mighty fine Chick Flicks, focusing on the odd, artistic, dark haired girl's rise to the top. Of course, ‘Heathers’ is more hard core and they both fall into the chick flick/high school transformation flicks genres. —Dyani, Billings

“Favorite chick flick? ‘Kate & Leopold,’ of course! Where else but in the movies can one have a gorgeous, well mannered, sexy and attentive man just appear out of nowhere and then have him fall madly in love with you? So far, I know of no one who has had that experience in the real 21st century (or the latter part of the last century either).”—Sonia, New York City

“I love chick flicks. They are definitely my guilty pleasure. ‘Steel Magnolias’ takes the cake. Why, you may ask? Because of what Dolly Parton says: ‘Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.’”—Amanda, Oklahoma City

‘Steel Magnolias’ — one of Julia Roberts’ best, but moreover, the cemetery scene gets me bawling everytime...or anything with Sally Field, really.”—Simone, Melbourne

“I feel compelled to watch ‘Grease’ and ‘Never Been Kissed’ when they're on and recently added ‘Mannequin’ to the bunch! These movies make me feel light and good. I think ‘chick flicks’ are such a great genre because they tend to be funny and endearing and we don't always want heart-wrenching, cry-your-eyes-out and want-to-kill-myself drama — sometimes you just want to feel good. People who think they're horrible tend to think so because they're usually not able to just sit there and enjoy a truly enjoyable movie. They're usually kind of a miserable person.”—Chick Flick gal, Dallas

“Me and my roommate just LOOOOOOVE the first ‘Bridget Jones.’ We watch it at least once a week, almost always on Saturdays while having a big stack of pancakes for breakfast.

Also ‘Amelie,’ but does that qualify as a ‘chick flick’ or is it strictly an ‘art house/foreign movie’ kind of flick?”—Monica, San Juan, Puerto Rico

“My favorite chick flick is ‘A Cinderella Story!’ The Hilary Duff movie! I would like to see more of her on this site!”—Melissa, Tucson, Ariz

“This movie may be a Chick Flick, but I loved ‘Love Actually.’ It was fan-tabulous, splendiferous, and completely wonderful. I cry everytime I watch it. I like that not everything wraps up nicely in the end. I like that it shows the many different sides of love. I like the Chick Flick genre for the simple pleasure of romance and comedy combined. You get to see this fantastic love develop and against all odds survive. It makes you want to not sell yourself short in the love department, even if it does set unreachable standards. It makes a girl realize she deserved better than the husband on the couch drinking beer and watching football. Then she goes out and buys herself something nice. Then she comes home to her hubby and smiles.”—Lindsay, Durant

‘Madame X’ with Lana Turner — amazing. Guilty pleasure and I love to cry. This one really does that for me.”—Evangelina Joyce, Gettysburg

“I Like ‘Emma’ and the present-day version ‘Clueless.’ I think both show a character making horrid mistakes but you still root for them the whole time.”—Elizabeth, Las Vegas

“I love chick flicks and I'll wear it on a T-shirt. I think its annoying that these movies, the good, the bad and the ugly (‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’? Oy) are looked down upon and yet man-crap stuffed with special effects is lauded. Violence, blood and bombs can be found on the evening news, live from Iraq every day. I'd rather escape with my good friends Julia, Meg and Bridget into a world where hookers get Beverly Hills shopping sprees, men chew with their mouths closed and every day is a good hair day.

‘Something's Gotta Give’ can be categorized as a chick flick but it is one of the best movies of Jack Nicholson's career and every single time I catch it on cable I watch and weep at that final scene of Jack being reigned in by love. Fabulous. And lets not forget about the ‘Dirty Dancing’ genre of chick flicks — anything where someone cute ends up singing/dancing and I'm there. ‘Moulin Rouge,’ ‘Chicago,’ ‘Flashdance,’ ‘Footloose,’ ‘The Company,’ ‘Center Stage’ and on and on. ‘Nobody puts baby in a corner’ Not this baby! Not while she is watching her chick flicks.”—Riqie, New York City