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Yo-yo champ's dizzying display goes viral

If you've ever thrown a yo-yo, only to have it die a miserable, non-spinning death at the end of the string, prepare to die a little bit again.

A new video showing Janos Karancz, the 2013 World Yo-Yo Contest freestyle champion, has gone viral thanks to the mastery displayed by the 18-year-old from Hungary. We won't string you along. Watch the video.

Whatever happened to walking the dog? Karancz whips and loops the string in a dizzying display of tricks that look like a cross between cat's cradle and calf roping. In the 3 1/2-minute video, the teen's blue sphere dances around his arms and legs as music thumps and the crowd in attendance oohs and ahhs its appreciation. You can even watch a slo-mo version, so, you know, it's way easier to learn all the tricks.

The World Yo-Yo Contest, sponsored by yo-yo kings Duncan Toys, was held in Orlando, Fla., last weekend.