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Yo! K-Fed — make that Daddy— in the house!

Track from Federline's new album surfaces on Internet to comic response
/ Source: The Associated Press

The dawn of Kevin Federline's hip-hop career has begun, though it remains to be seen if it will last past breakfast.

A track by Federline was posted on the Internet by Disco D, the producer of his upcoming album, "The Truth," to be released next year.

Though the song has since been taken off Disco D's Web site, it has popped up elsewhere, giving a glimpse of Mr. Britney Spears' rhyming, um, abilities.

"Back then, they called me K-Fed, but you can call me Daddy instead," he intones in the chorus of "Y'all Ain't Ready."

Over an industrial beat reminiscent of Kelis' "Milkshake," Federline represents himself as a brash, newsworthy figure ahead of his time. "People always asking me when's the release date / Well, baby you can wait and see, until then all these Pavarottis followin' me," he raps, nicknaming paparazzi after the Italian opera singer.

Tabloids might remark that their photographers are actually focused on his pop star wife. Before meeting Spears, Federline's career was mostly limited to backup dancing. The couple wed last year and had a son in September.

Already garnering comparisons to Vanilla Ice, Federline's album appears destined for late-night punch lines. But the 27-year-old does anticipate some backlash from his musical pursuits: "My prediction is that y'all gonna hate on the style we create, straight 2008."