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Is this the year of Timberlake?

Justin hangs with Bill Gates in Vegas, has new album due this spring
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Justin Timberlake made the scene in Vegas, baby, and Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos was the only reporter there.

And as far as tracking Justin down, with the year he has planned, I wouldn't worry about him going underground, Maria said.

"I'm going to go on and say it guys. I think there is such a thing as too much of me, OK," Justin teased. "All right."

Too much Justin? More like too little! It's been almost four years since Timberlake debuted his multi-platinum solo CD, "Justified."

The pop star is back in the studio, and with a new CD due out this spring, he's letting Maria in on the secret to his new sound.

"I feel like with this one, I'm just busting down all different doors and different walls," Justin explained. "Like that analogy? I just came up with it. Pretty good, right? Open up. Windows busting. Door. Walls. You guys following me?"

"You already totally ruined a house," Maria laughed.

"Yeah," Justin laughed.

Oh, we're with you Justin. The soon-to-be 25-year-old came to "Sin City" for a computer electronics show.

"Hey, you like this jacket?" Justin asked Maria. "I dressed up for you."

Justin is helping Bill Gates unveil Microsoft and MTV’s newest joint digital music service, "Urge," but surprisingly, the pop star admitted he's not a techie.

"I'm the most computer stupid person on the planet," Justin laughed.

"So, you let someone else program your Ipod?" Maria asked.

"I just got an Ipod this year," Justin said.

"Really? That long it took you?" Maria asked.

"Hey, I'm from Tennessee, man," Justin laughed. "Some of us don’t even have all of our teeth, much less an Ipod!"

But this Southern boy did break the news to Maria that he's in "Shrek 3," as an animated love interest for real life girlfriend, Cameron Diaz.

"I play Artie, a young King Arthur, so, I don’t want to tell you…" Justin laughed.

"So, you are going to look like a human?" Maria wondered.

"Yeah, I am going to look like a human," Justin confirmed.

"Awww, you don't want to be an animal?" Maria asked.

"I mean they offered me the part, and I sort of just accepted, Maria," Justin chuckled. "I didn’t really know. I want to be Puss ‘N Boots."

Sorry Justin, Antonio Banderas has that role already.

"They told me that I got the part by (hosting) SNL," Justin explained.

"You did the 'Bee Gees' thing really well," said Maria, of Justin’s portrayal of Robin Gibb on Saturday Night Live.

"I did well, thanks," Justin replied. "I thought it was funny."

Justin even poked fun at Maria's lack of college football knowledge! She protested that the NFL is her game.

"I didn’t know who was playing in that football game today," Maria admitted.

"You didn't who was playing in the Rose Bowl?" Justin asked.

"Like SC or USC or something?" Maria tried.

"Let's just go," Justin laughed.