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Yahoo gets into gossip business with Gawker

Internet company reaches content deal with celebrity blog site, partners
/ Source: Hollywood Reporter

Combine a leading global Internet brand and a media group specializing in insider information, and the blog cosmos just got a little bit bigger.

That’s the aim of Yahoo! Inc., which is set to announce Wednesday  the addition of gossip and news Web content from five of Gawker Media’s most popular Web sites to its evolving portfolio of news and entertainment material.

Five to seven stories per day will be posted in their entirety from each blog and added to Yahoo! News’ editorial roster. The blogs include Defamer, which provides an insider’s view of the Hollywood rumor mill and highlights entertainment industry scandal; Gawker, dedicated to the daily palaver generated from Manhattan society; and Wonkette, which covers political news with an irreverent tone.

The other blogs are Gizmodo, which devotes itself to technological gadgets and gizmos, and Lifehacker, which reviews products, downloads, Web sites and shortcuts.

Scott Moore, Yahoo!’s head of news and finance, said the blogs at first will appear in their appropriate sections of Yahoo! News and eventually will be integrated into additional Yahoo! categories. A visitor looking at Yahoo! Movies might be offered some of that day’s Defamer commentary, for example.

Moore referenced Yahoo! News’ recent deal with the Huffington Post, the high-profile blog from political activist Arianna Huffington, as a precursor to the development and cited the innovativeness of Gawker Media founder and publisher Nick Denton as an impetus behind the deal.

“I’ve admired tremendously what he’s done for the network of blogs,” Moore said.

Based in New York City, Gawker Media publishes more than a dozen weblogs drawing more than 4.5 million visitors and more than 38 million page views per month. Its deal with Yahoo! Inc. -- one of the most trafficked Web destinations worldwide --follows recent moves by Yahoo! to offer a larger variety of nontraditional media to its users, including blogs and user-contributed photos.

“From the perspective of Yahoo! News, we’re definitely going to continue to add user content to the service,” Moore said.