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Yada yada yada, royal baby name has 'Seinfeld' connections

The royal baby's new name doesn't have a "Seinfeld" connection of course. Or does it?

So there's this royal baby, yada yada yada, and the whole world is celebrating like it's Festivus or something. We don't want to be the biggest jerk at the jerk store, but sometimes people get sick of being told, "Ya gotta see the BABY!" And they didn't even name it Seven, the name Susan's cousin stole from George. Guess those Brits just don't appreciate Mickey Mantle's jersey number.

But wait a minute. Are we seeing a certain "Seinfeldian" trend in the names Prince William and Duchess Kate just announced for the future king?

Take the name George Alexander Louis apart. First there's "George," which yes, we know, Queen Elizabeth's beloved father, but also, a certain Costanza we all know and love.

Then there's "Alexander," which just so happens to be the last name of the actor who played George, Jason Alexander.

And then there's "Louis," after Louis Mountbatten, but also a name that appears in the "Seinfeld" credits. If you don't know that Julia Louis-Dreyfus played Elaine Benes, all we have to say to you is GET OUT! (Add characteristic Elaine double-hand push in there if you like.) And, as the official "Seinfeld" Twitter account pointed out, "Louis" is also George Costanza's middle name.

Three names, three (or four) "Seinfeld" connections. Now that name's sounding a little better to us Yanks. We might even have to send the little royal guy a chocolate babka or a beltless trenchcoat. And now Will and Kate have a few years to start working out a cover story on why an eventual little brother will be dubbed Cosmo Kramer.