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‘X-Files’ 2: The sequel is out there

The sequel is out there, and it may be closer than you think.

"X-Files" fans may finally be getting their wish to see Agents Mulder and Scully reunite on screen — the big screen, that is.

The long-rumored sequel to 1998's "X-Files" feature film may soon be starting production, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

David Duchovny, who played truth-seeking Agent Fox Mulder on the hit FOX series (and in the feature film), said Saturday during the Television Critics Association press tour that the long-delayed film may finally be coming to fruition — with co-star Gillian Anderson "on board" to reprise her role as skeptic-turned "believer," Agent Dana Scully.

"I'm supposed to see a script next week," said Duchovny, adding that "X-Files" creator Chris Carter and series executive producer Frank Spotnitz wrote the screenplay.

Carter reportedly had been one of the factors behind the delays in making the sequel, due to a now-settled lawsuit he filed in 2005 against 20th Century Fox Television. The lawsuit reportedly cited breach of contract, contractual interference and other claims over payments allegedly owed to him from the television series.

The film's story reportedly will avoid the steep (and oftentimes confusing) "alien conspiracy" mythology developed throughout the series' nine-season run and in the first film, and will instead focus on a self-contained threat for Mulder and Scully to contend with.

"No, we're not going into the mythology (in the sequel)," Spotnitz told SciFi.com in May of last year. "One of the things that was exciting about doing it is to not make it a mythology story, and it's like one of the stand-alone episodes. It's a bit scary. Of course, we will catch up with the characters and what is going on in their lives, but it's not about the alien conspiracy. It's not about that."

While Duchovny indicated that production could start as soon as this fall, a formal announcement has not yet been made.

Duchovny's new Showtime comedy series, "Californication," will debut August 13. Anderson was recently seen in "The Last King of Scotland" and the UK thriller film, "Straightheads."