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'Wowwwww!' Woman doesn't recognize herself after makeover

There was high drama on the Fourth Hour Wednesday, with a family from very far away and a TODAY staffer getting made over.


53-year-old Lotte Skjaerbaek and her family came all the way from Denmark, and she was straight-up PUMPED for her Ambush Makeover. She and her soccer-fan clan were not shy about showing their excitement for the whole hair-cutting experience.


"Wowwwwwww!" she shrieked at her sassy new bob, while her daughters cheered nearby in large hats. "Is it me!?"

Her husband, Mitch, who she says usually cuts her hair, was nearly speechless."Mitch, what do you think?" asked Hoda, while Mitch just kind of shook his head in European awe.

"Words escape him," said KLG.


Lotte wasn't the only one transformed: TODAY cameraman Jimmy also went under the scissors, cutting his long locks for the first time in 37 years. His new look prompted appreciative "oohs" and "ahhs" from Kathie Lee and Hoda. But the reactions from the crew? Almost as good as the haircut.

Hoda said that they had "begged" him to shorten it up for years, but when asked him if he was going to keep the cut, or grow it out, he seemed happy with his new look.


"I'm probably too old to grow it out anymore," he laughed.

"You're never too old, baby," she replied. "You look good!"