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Would you pay your kids to eat their veggies?

Leave it to Heidi Klum to solve the problem of getting kids to eat their vegetables: through bribery.

According to reports, the model and "Project Runway" host pays her picky eaters to eat healthy. Kathie Lee and Hoda wondered -- is this brilliant, or does it set a bad precedent?

The ladies agreed that there's nothing wrong with rewarding kids with money for doing chores. Hoda said that her parents paid her and her siblings to make dinner every night before they came home from work.

KLG said she wished she'd given her own kids more chores to make them earn their allowance.

Daniel Robertson / Today

"It creates character," KLG said. And in the end, you should do whatever you can to get your kids to wolf down their greens.

"Parenting is the hardest thing in the world, I'm not going to put another parent down."

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor who wouldn't eat kale for a million dollars.