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Would the 'Sister Wives' family consider adding brother husbands?

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Kody Brown and his wives discuss their views on plural marriage.

A one-husband-to-four-wives ratio may be fine for the “Sister Wives” family, but what would they think of adding a few more men to the mix? On Sunday night’s episode of the TLC reality show, Kody Brown’s brides addressed that question.

“You know, that’s not a tenant of our faith,” Kody’s first wife, Meri, told a group of students in Boston after one inquired if they would consider brother husbands.

Wife No. 2, Janelle, then took the microphone right out of Meri’s hand to add, “Who really wants that? Do you? I’m sorry, but guys are tons, a lot of work, right?”

Later, speaking directly to the camera, Janelle explained her take on their marital arrangement.

“Religions have rules and beliefs,” she said. “It can even be as simple as conduct in a marriage or foods that you can and cannot eat. Every religion has rules that they think bring them closer to God. That is how it is for us. We feel like living plural marriage is a commandment designed for our happiness.”

As long as there’s just one man, Meri reiterated.

“The way that the plural marriage is for us — that we believe and we accept — is one man and multiple wives,” she continued. “We just don’t do it the other way around. I would not ever choose to have more than one husband. From a religious standpoint, because I don’t believe that’s right. And also from a personal standpoint, I need my me time, and I wouldn’t get it if I had many guys around. I’m not going there.”  

And from the disapproving look on Kody’s face, it seems likely he wouldn’t go there either.

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