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‘Work Out’ will return, but with sad news

The trainers on "Work Out" are grieving a sad loss. Plus: "Anna Nicole Show" unlikely to rerun; "Survivors" still bring luxury items.
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Q: Will the reality show “Work Out” return to Bravo for a second season? I loved Jackie and would like to know how her gym is doing.    —Stacy

A: Yes, look for a second season of "Work Out" to premiere on Bravo on March 20. (But stop reading here if you don't want to know a sad but true spoiler for the show.)

During the new season, viewers will see personal trainer and businesswoman Jackie Warner seek therapy to try and save her troubled relationship with girlfriend Mimi. On the business side of things, Warner will seek to expand her Sky Sport & Spa gym with a new program called Skylab, focusing on the overweight and others who have poor body images.

Viewers will also get reacquainted with the trainers from season one, and will meet a new trainer, Gregg Butler. But offscreen, there's sad news for Jackie's work family. Trainer Doug Blasdell will be seen on the show, but on the seventh episode, Jackie and co-workers receive news that Blasdell passed away. He died on Jan. 22 at age 44. It's been reported that he had been undergoing chemotherapy for a brain tumor.

A statement released by Bravo says "“All of us at Bravo are deeply saddened by the terrible news of Doug Blasdell’s untimely passing. He was an inspiring trainer, an exuberant colleague who made the gym a very fun place each and every day and was extraordinarily warm in all aspects of his life. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his many friends and colleagues at this very difficult time.”

Jackie and co-workers mourn Doug in the final two episodes of this season.    —G.F.C.

Q: Do you think E! will air "The Anna Nicole Show" again now that she has died?     —Staci

A: No, I wouldn't expect it. It would feel tacky and morbid.

Because of her youth and the turmoil surrounding her newborn baby, not to mention the questions over her will, this isn't the kind of thing where rerunning a show (in which she admittedly looked pretty crazy) would be seen as a tribute, as it might had she lived a long, full life.

However, the show's eight-episode first season is available on DVD.    —G.F.C.

Q:Do “Survivor” contestants still bring one luxury item? It's never mentioned anymore. I thought that was kind of neat.    —Jackie, Wisconsin

A: In early seasons, “Survivor” cast members were allowed to bring one "luxury" item from home, whether that was backgammon (Tina from "Survivor Australia") or a ukulele (Sonja from season one).

In the show's second season, one luxury item — Colby's Texas flag — was used as a shelter, and was taken by Jeff Probst in exchange for food. And during "Survivor Africa," eventual winner Ethan Zohn showed kids in a village how to play hacky sack with his luxury item. In later seasons, starting around "Pearl Islands" (when the cast was stranded with just the clothes on their back), the luxury items disappeared.

But the cast is still asked to bring them along, even if they don't get them on the show, and producers hold on to them. And in a recent interview, host Jeff Probst said the cast member's luxury items will be part of this season, "Survivor Fiji."

"We still ask [the contestants] to bring a luxury item, [like] you know, a fuzzy teddy bear, or a picture of your family or something and sometimes we use it. It does come into play a little bit this season," .      

We asked "Survivor Pearl Islands" cast member Burton Roberts, who's currently appearing on a FOX Reality Channel show he produced called "Camp Reality," about luxury items on his season.

He said that on his season, "we never got to see them. There are a number of restrictions on them (I would have taken a Swiss Army knife if I could have taken anything) and they have to approve what you take. Mine was a frisbee because I figured it could be used as a tool for digging, a plate, a bowl, etc. but also it is something that everyone can do, so it would have ideally brought our team together and broken up some of the down time. Oh well, maybe next time."    —A.D.

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