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Woo hoo! Homer Simpson crashes Ellen's Oscar selfie

D'oh! There were apparently two more famous faces in Ellen DeGeneres' A-list Oscars selfie, and one of the excluded parties wants to make sure that the entire image is shared.

Homer Simpson (well, "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening) posted the "true" version of the world-famous photo on Twitter, which shows selfie snapper Bradley Cooper actually booting Springfield's biggest doughnut fan from the snapshot. And it seems troublemaker Bart Simpson wasn't quite tall enough to get his mug in the picture.



But according to Kevin Spacey, Homer didn't have the worst experience of all the celebs involved in the photo.



Though "The Simpsons'" animated selfie is getting popular, it's got a long way to go to break Twitter as the original version did on Sunday. The selfie DeGeneres posted during the awards show quickly became the most retweeted post, racking up more than three million shares by Thursday. (It also earned $3 million for charities.) The previous record-holder was a photo President Obama shared in 2012. 

But if it's any consolation for Homer, Oscar-winner Jared Leto was excited to be in "The Simpsons" selfie. 

"I finally made it. I am a Simpson :)" the "Dallas Buyers Club" star wrote on his Instagram.