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The Wonders from 'That Thing You Do!' reunited! See their performance

Three of the four band members from the Tom Hanks movie came back together to do "That Thing You Do" once more.
/ Source: TODAY

The band featured in 1996's "That Thing You Do!" reassembled in Los Angeles on Tuesday night and we have this to say: It was totally wonderful!

Tom Everett Scott (who recently appeared in "La La Land"), Ethan Embry and Johnathon Schaech put on their white shirts and black ties to re-create most of the band known as the Wonders (or, briefly, the One-ders) for a show at the Roxy, and let's just say the crowd went nuts.

So did the guys backstage, who were clearly delighted to be together again.

Sadly, Tom Hanks (who wrote and directed the film, as well as co-starred), was not on hand. Neither was band member Steve Zahn, though they did have someone on hand to wear a Zahn mask. So, almost as good.

The film takes place in a Beatles-era America where four guys are catapulted into the music business by a Play-Tone records A&R rep (Hanks) after winning a talent competition with their song "That Thing You Do!" Alas, the story is about their short, sharp rise to the top — and a complete collapse when faced with the rigors of being a touring band.

But there was one star from the movie who was definitely on hand, which was the movie's title tune. Written by Fountains of Wayne member Adam Schlesinger for the movie, it landed in the Billboard Top 100 and earned an Oscar nomination in 1997.

That said, Embry's pretty over the faux-band's hit. "I hate that song," he told Entertainment Weekly when the film had its 20th anniversary. "I remember it reached that point of, like, 'I can't play this song one more time.'"

Fortunately, he was wrong. Guys, you'll always be number one-ders to us!

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