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The Women of the CW: Kickin' Ass, Taking Names, and Giving Spoilers

You want girl power? Just flip to the CW and watch the ass-kicking commence.
/ Source: E!online

You want girl power? Just flip to the CW and watch the ass-kicking commence.

From cheerleaders to vampires, these ladies were more than eager to chat about their badassness at TCA. So what did Nina Dobrev, Maggie Q, Erica Durance and the rest of the gang have to say about their respective TV identities?

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Before we go full-bore into the kickass lady roundup, we'd like to pause to note our love for Maggie and her quote of the night: "I think a guy who doesn't like a tough chick is a loser. Man up," she declared during the panel. All we want to say to that is: Preach!

Ok, on to the good stuff, one booty-bootin' beauty at a time:

Lois Lane, Smallville: "We're getting into the background. My character is instrumental in propelling that mythology," Erica says. "Hopefully, we'll see Superman do what everybody wants him to do. That's pretty much all I can say, but he looks good doing it." Tom Welling looking good? Shocking news. And speaking of her main man, their engagement doesn't mean Lois will be taking a backseat on Smallville. More of a side seat, if you will. "I think given the opportunity, she'd still kick ass, but she kicks [Clark]'s ass a little bit more. They're changing her character a little but more to support him and lift him up, because he's the one doing most of the ass kicking. She still has her opportunities to get dirty, though."

Elena Gilbert, Vampire Diaries: Looks like Elena better start being more like her evil counterpart, Katherine, because the big, bad Klaus is on his way. "Klaus is coming at some point by the end of the season," Nina promises. And by now, we all know her ideal casting decision [Sasha Baron Cohen], but she voiced it again so we could "get the message to him."

Caroline Forbes, Vampire Diaries: It's gonna get hairy for the vamps in Mystic Falls. "We're going to be introduced to more werewolf action and the meeting of vampires and werewolves and how they are going to play a part in each other's lives," Candice Accola reveals. "And [we'll see] how that affects personal relationships with the friends within the town." We're not holding our breath for the vampires and werewolves to become BFFs and start a book club, are you?

Nikita, Nikita: No surprise here, Nikita will continue to be a badass, but now she has some help. And it comes in the form of Alex. "Alex graduates full agent, and the show shifts quite a bit," Lyndsy Fonseca says. "She's balancing going on her jobs with division and helping Nikita out. There's a lot of really exciting things coming up."

Marti Perkins, Hellcats: The Hellcat will finally officially become a member of the squad and that means one thing...initiation. Aly Michalka describes a "suicide drop" that Marti has to complete, and it sounds pretty incredible. She even does it without wires! Also coming up for the blond badass? Searching for info on her father and looking for answers from a new character played by Aly's real life sister: AJ Michalka.

Who's your favorite kickass woman of CW? Or are you not ready to make that decision yet? Think about it, and get back to us in the comments!

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