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Woman's 38KKK breast implants make for 'Strange Addiction'

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Sheyla Hershey's 38KKK breast implants make for a "Strange Addiction."

Last Sunday, TLC's "My Strange Addiction" introduced viewers to a man who really loves his car. This time around, viewers will meet Sheyla Hershey, a woman who loves her breast implants. Good thing, too, because at 38KKK, there's a whole lot to love.

Her breasts contain 86 fluid ounces of saline — each. As mentioned in a sneak peek for the episode, that works out to the equivalent of more than a six-pack of soda per implant. And Hershey still wants more.

"My breasts is like my babies," she explained. "I love them like they are my kids. Having these is just the most good thing in my life."

Of course, few addicts would describe their addiction as the "most good thing" to come their way, and while Hershey admits that her breasts make it difficult to do basic things -- like tying her shoes or even hugging her daughter -- she might have a point. After all, few addicts can say their addiction actually saved their lives.

Hershey does. She crashed her car into a tree just one week ago, but her airbags failed to deploy. She now claims the implants did the job instead. 

Tune in to TLC's "My Strange Addiction" Sunday night at 10 p.m. to learn more about Hershey's big addiction.

What do you think? Is she really addicted to the implants, or is she addicted to the attention they get her? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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