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31-year-old woman creates Instagram account for time capsule she made in 1998

"Titanic," Hanson, "Dawson's Creek" ... they're all here.
/ Source: TODAY

No matter how many years go by, a little piece of our hearts will always live in 1998. Randi Bergman, 31, of Toronto, Canada, agrees.

So when Bergman recently discovered a time capsule that she had created at age 13, she saw more than a box of old stuff. She saw a social media opportunity that has since delighted thousands ... and even caught the attention of one of Bergman’s famous crushes from back in the day.

Randi Bergman's 1998 time capsule
Spice Girls lollipops are just the beginning.Randi Bergman

Bergman launched an Instagram account, @capsule98, to share the best treasures found in her homage to life as a ‘90s teen. Since starting her feed in January, she's shared about 30 photos. She tells TODAY that she intends to keep going for at least a year, matching up the dates on diary entries and movie tickets to essentially relive one of the best years in pop culture history.

That’s right: she's making it last forever ('cause friendship never ends).

“When I found (the capsule), I felt like it needed to be shared beyond my friends,” said Bergman. “It was so special that it blew my mind … It was so detailed, and that year in particular was a fun time to look back on.”

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She believes the appeal goes beyond simple ‘90s nostalgia, that it taps into a collective experience to which most women and even men of her generation can relate.

“We're all different, but we're also all kind of the same at that age," she explained.

Hence the appeal of not only “Titanic” ticket stubs and magazine clippings, but also Bergman’s personal photos and letters. Recognizing themselves in her memories, others have become invested in her story.

“I made a list of my top five crushes, and a girl I didn’t know commented that she had looked up all of their profiles,” said Bergman. “Just these random guys I went to elementary school with!”

Randi Bergman's time capsule
Some things, like wearing a bucket hat while covered in colorful parrots, are timeless.Randi Bergman

Or take the universal experience of sneaking into a movie underage. "I'd buy a ticket for 'The Truman Show' and then go see 'Wild Things,'" said Bergman. "I rated them out of 5 and wrote commentary and who I saw them with ... but I was clearly self-editing in case my mom found them or something. I wrote that 'Wild Things' was 'perverted and confusing,' but I'm sure I died for it."

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Even a certain late-'90s heartthrob wasn't immune to the draw of the capsule. "Aaron Carter liked one of my pictures!" Bergman said. She had referenced the single "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" in the caption, and tagged the singer in the photo.

But unlike Aaron's party, Bergman's nostalgia fest is far from over.