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Woman eats cat fur on 'My Strange Addiction'

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Clingy cat fur -- it's the bane of many cat lovers' lives. It gets on clothes, sticks to upholstery and gathers in corners. But there's one feline enthusiast who has no problem with those wispy strands. In fact, Lisa -- the subject of the next episode of "My Strange Addiction" -- just can't get enough of the fluff her cat leaves behind.

In a clip from the upcoming season-four premiere of the show, Lisa explained the appeal of eating cat hair.

"Just chewing it is relaxing," she assured. "It's a comforting feeling. (My cat's) fur is such an interesting texture. It's so soft and puffy and like cotton candy ... almost."

But not quite. Still, the 43-year-old finds it so soothing, she's compelled to ingest some every two hours.

As for how it tastes, she said the "relatively clean" fur packs "much less of a flavor than even human hair."

Lisa harvests much of the hair she eats off the floor or furnishings in her home, but sometimes, she goes straight to the source.

"I groom my cat with my tongue, like a momma cat would do with her kitten," she said. "I don't get as involved as another cat would. I'm not licking her butt."

There's that.

See if Lisa is able to kick the cat fur addiction when "My Strange Addiction" returns to TLC on Feb. 13.

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