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Wolfgang Van Halen on the mantra that keeps him going after dad's death

A line from one of the songs off his upcoming debut album gives some insight into how Wolfgang has moved forward after the death of dad Eddie Van Halen.
/ Source: TODAY

Eddie Van Halen’s spirit lives on through his son.

Wolfgang Van Halen is making music of his own with his solo project, Mammoth WVH. His debut album comes out June 11 and features the track “Distance,” which features the lyrics “No matter what the distance is, I will be with you.”

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Van Halen, 29, says that line holds a special place in his heart for his own relationship with his late father.

“It’s almost like a mantra for you when you lose someone that’s as important to you as a parent or really anyone that plays a large role in your life, and that’s kind of my mantra when I think about my dad,” Van Halen told TODAY Friday.

The video for “Distance” also takes fans behind the scenes of the father-son bond they shared, with home movies of them, as well as a sweet voicemail the elder Van Halen once left for his son.

Wolfgang is the only child of Van Halen and ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli, who has also expressed her grief over losing the legendary guitarist.

“I was 20 when I met him,” she said Thursday on TODAY. “I still loved him. We spent a lot of time together. He’s the father of my son. He’s the father of the greatest gift in my life.”

Van Halen has not been shy about expressing the pain he feels about losing his father, who died last October from cancer at the age of 65.

"It doesn't seem like the pain is ever really gonna go away. You just kinda figure out how to carry it a bit better," he told TODAY last November.

"He was an icon to many people," he added. "He was still my dad — and he was incredibly loving — and he was my best friend in many ways."

Last month, Wolfgang also commemorated what would have been his father’s 66th birthday with a pair of tweets.

“I wish I could give you the biggest hug and celebrate it with you. I love and miss you so much it hurts. I don’t even know how to put it into words,” he wrote, in part.