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Winslet’s home with hubby a ‘house of horrors’

Now that she and soon-to-be ex-husband Sam Mendes have gone their separate ways, Kate Winslet hopes to split from the New York home they shared, too.
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Now that she and soon-to-be ex-husband Sam Mendes have gone their separate ways, Kate Winslet hopes to split from the New York home they shared, too.

“Kate really wants to leave the apartment,” an insider explained to the New York Post. “She sees it as a house of horrors because of the fights she and Sam had there. She feels it is tainted.”

Just don’t expect Winslet to actually leave the multimillion dollar Chelsea residence any time soon. The Post report revealed the actress expects to stay in the home, despite all those bad memories, long enough to film the upcoming HBO miniseries “Mildred Pierce.”

Cibrian’s ex can’t attend son’s birthdayActor Eddie Cibrian and his wife, Brandi Glanville, separated eight months ago amid relationship rumors between Cibrian and now-girlfriend LeAnn Rimes. Still, according to Glanville, the country music singer-turned-actress has found a new way to drive a wedge between the former couple.

In an interview with E! News, Glanville partially blamed Rimes for ruining plans she and Cibrian made for their son’s third birthday.

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“Eddie and I had planned to do something together and small for Jake's upcoming birthday on April 15th,” Cibrian’s ex explained. “(But Eddie) has changed his mind. He is now saying I can't see Jake on his birthday because it falls on his custodial day and it would make LeAnn uncomfortable.”

After spending a couple landmark days alone last year, Glanville feels it would be unfair to both her and her son if they’re forced to separate for his big day, regardless of what Rimes thinks.

“I have already spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning alone, missing my children and crying because I have no family nearby,” Glanville said. “Jake is my son, not LeAnn's. He should be with both his parents on his birthday.”

As for Cibrian’s change of plans, Glanville believes it all came about because, “Eddie seems to care more about LeAnn than what is best for our kids.”

Dish on the fly While “Big Love” star Chloe Sevigny regrets recent comments she made bashing the her show, she told Entertainment Weekly the remarks were “taken out of context.” That came as a surprise to AV Club’s Sean O’Neal. “You were caught biting the hand that feeds you Golden Globes,” O’Neal said in an online response to the actress. “Probably best to blame your momentary lapse into candor on everything that’s beyond your control, such as exhaustion and the rigors of doing press junkets. But as the person who conducted said interview, I’m not really sure how a statement like ‘It was awful this season’ can possibly be taken out of context.” … “Jersey Shore’s” Pauly D bid farewell to the northeast with a fist-pumping bash Saturday night. According to the New York Daily News, Jersey girls fought each other for face time with the DJ before his big season-two move to South Florida. “Girls were literally fighting over him all night long,” one eyewitness revealed. “There was literally a mob scene in the club of ladies trying to get to him. And he wasn't without a girl on his arm the entire night.” Watch out Miami — he’s all yours now!

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