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Winehouse was planning to record with Cee Lo

Although there were reports earlier this year that Amy Winehouse recorded a song with Cee Lo Green, it turns out the unexpected pairing never happened.

However, it certainly could have. I can exclusively reveal that...

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The "Back to Black" songstress and "The Voice" coach were trying to partner up in a recording studio.

"We were discussing working together," Cee Lo told me yesterday in Hollywood, where he was shooting a new commercial for 7UP. "We have a mutual friend, [producer] Salaam Remi.

"There was a rumor that we had already recorded together. It wasn't true and I don't know where that came from. But we did grow fond of each other and thought we could work together."

He said of the late singer's music, "I could listen to her and she registered to me as the real thing...It's so untimely and unfortunate. What a loss. Music has lost a daughter."

Oddly enough, Cee Lo recently announced that the title of his hip hop group Goodie Mob's next album would be "We Sell Drugs, Too."

Or did he?

"I said it on Twitter but I was being totally sarcastic," Cee Lo insisted. "I was just being sarcastic and silly. I have a wild sense of humor." (In fact, it's his sometimes outrageous individuality that helped him score the 7UP campaign, which carries the tagline, "Be clear. Not invisible.")

Cee Lo also insisted that "The Voice" team isn't concerned about Simon Cowell's "X Factor." "I think there's enough room for everybody," he said. "The 'X Factor' has a completely different premise as does 'American Idol' and 'America's Got Talent' and so on and so forth. I think we can all coexist -- as long as we're not on TV at the same time."

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