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Will "Two and a Half Men" kill off Sheen?

Butch Dill / AP / Today
Sorry, Charlie: It seems like it's all over at "Two and a Half Men"

Don't start placing bets as to when Charlie Sheen will guest-star in "Two and a Half Men." Based on reports from both Deadline and TMZ, unless Sheen's character comes back as a ghost, that just ain't gonna happen.

Because Sheen's character Charlie Harper ... is dead.

The two sites are reporting that the 9th season premiere of "Men," which tapes this Friday, will be a two-part episode depicting Harper's funeral. It will be well-attended by his various girlfriends (some real-life celebrities and stars from "Men" creator Chuck Lorres' other series are also expected to be on hand), and then his house will go up for sale. Ashton Kutcher, who was hired to replace Sheen after the volatile actor was axed from the set, will play a character who's interested in the oceanside real estate.

Of course, all of this was supposed to be super-duper secret: Non-disclosure agreements are reportedly being required for both cast and audience members for the Friday taping -- but as Sheen himself has proved, very little in Hollywood can be considered predictable.

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