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Will Tobias get naked? 'Arrested Development' questions we want answered

The Bluths are back! They're finally back, quirks and all!

When Fox canceled "Arrested Development," fans were left with many unanswered questions regarding the fate of Michael Bluth and his crazy family. While the cast and crew have been reluctant to dish on details of the new episodes, the man behind Michael, Jason Bateman, recently told USA Today that the new season will not pick up where it left off.

"It's been what, seven years, and time has not been kind to (Michael) or anyone else in the family," Bateman said. "So we're all kind of a little banged up."

Banged up? Oh no! Did Buster (Tony Hale) lose another hand since we last saw him? Although for Buster's sake we hope not, it certainly would open the door for more hook-hand jokes, one of the show's funniest running gags. With the series set to be resurrected on Netflix on May 26, fans are hoping that the new episodes will not only touch on some of the show's recurring jokes,but also provide closure to plot lines that were left unfinished back in 2006.

Viewers were left with many burning questions after watching the last episode, but there are a few in particular we're dying to get answers to from the show's new episodes.

Did George Michael and Maeby make it official?

Although we know it's wrong, we just can't help but want to see George Michael (Michael Cera) and Maeby (Alia Shawkat) get together. Seeing photographic evidence that Maeby did, indeed, spring from his Aunt Lindsay's (Portia di Rossi) loins did nothing to deter George Michael's feelings for Maeby, and the cousins can't seem to keep their mitts off each other.They have relied on each other to deal with their wacky relatives, making us believe that George Michael and Maeby can handle anything together.

Is Tobias ever going to come out?

Tobias’ (David Cross) potential homosexuality has been one of the series' biggest running gags, making viewers wonder if, in the seven years that have passed since we last saw him, Tobias has finally realized that he's gay. There's no way that the man who once proudly declared that he "blue" himself -- referring to covering himself in blue body paint for Blue Man Group performances -- is straight.

Can Buster finally establish normal boundaries with his mother?

Is Buster destined to be a "Motherboy" for life? His past attempts to come out from under the overprotective wing of his mom, Lucille (Jessica Walter) have always backfired. Remember when he disobeyed Lucille's orders to stay away from the ocean and ended up losing his hand to a "loose seal?" (Loose seal, Lucille -- see what they did there?!) Judging from this sneak peek clip of the new season, it appears that Buster and Lucille will continue with their creepy, co-dependent relationship.

Will Michael be able to leave his family behind?

When we last saw him, Michael was sailing away from the rest of the Bluths. As someone who has always put his family first, Michael will have a hard time finally washing his hands of the entire dysfunctional clan. However, the thought of spending the rest of his days relaxing on the shores of Cabo San Lucas, never again to be taunted by his family for being a chicken (at least we think that's the type of animal the Bluths are pretending to be when they mock Michael) should be motivation enough for him to stay far away -- at least for a little while.

Can Gob finally get his act together?

From his failed magic tricks, to his bad relationship choices (dating his nephew's ex-girlfriend, for instance), Gob (Will Arnett) can't seem to get anything right. Despite the fact that he's an egotistical jerk most of the time, we can't help but hope that Gob will finally turn his life around and earn the respect of his family. (Who knows, maybe he'll even pull off a magic trick while he's at it!)

Will Tobias be able to bare it all?

Tobias (David Cross) suffers from a rare, psychological disorder that prevents him from being able to get completely naked -- except for that one brave moment in the show's first season. As a “Never-Nude,” Tobias has to keep his jean shorts on, even while in the shower or in front of his own wife. For the sake of hisfailing marriage, we're hoping that Tobias will finally be able to drop the jorts.

Is this season the show’s final countdown?

Don't bust out the sullen Charlie Brown walk yet, "Arrested Development" fans! There's a chance that this new season won't be the last time we see those batty Bluths. "We would love to do more (seasons), and we have a deal in place that says that there could be," Netflix Content Chief Ted Sarandos recently told The Hollywood Reporter. While we're thankful to get these new episodes, there's still a lot more ground to cover with the Bluth family. Not doing a fifth season (or the long-discussed "Arrested Development" movie) would just be, as the Bluths would say, "a huge mistake."