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Will Smith makes four increasingly epic entrances on 'The Tonight Show'

If at first you succeed ... try, try again?

If you're Will Smith, why not? As the former "Fresh Prince" and A-list star proved on Thursday night, he's game for more than just one grand entrance.

When the 47-year-old actor appeared on "The Tonight Show" to promote his new movie "Suicide Squad," Smith did what you might expect: He came out dancing!

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But then he had second thoughts, and wanted to give it another go.

Fallon introduced him again, and this time, Smith rolled onstage inside a giant human hamster ball.

Amazing! And yet, Smith (who was Fallon's very first guest back in 2014) was sure he could give the audience better. So he went backstage to try again.

This time, the curtain opened for a "Soul Train"-style dance line. Smith made his way down the middle, showing off his moves, and over to the desk.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Will Smith making a "Soul Train" entrance.

Nope! Just not right. So for his final entrance, we got the introduction again ... and this time a choir singing "He's Will Smith" accompanied the actor riding atop a unicorn.

He dismounted, and was finally satisfied.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Will Smith is not usually one to get up on his high horse.

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As both men noted, "That is an entrance!"

We couldn't agree more!

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