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'Bad boy for life': Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon rap Smith's career

From Fresh Prince to Agent J, Smith's life took center stage.
/ Source: TODAY

Will Smith’s life is an open book. Well, maybe it’s more of a catchy song.

The superstar teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to rap his life story on Thursday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Decked out in matching white T-shirts and sweat jackets, the pair appeared on stage with steam rising from the floor. “From the City of Brotherly Love/ That’s Philly/ Comes a brother that you love by the name/ Big Willie,” they began.

“You seen him in Billboard, starring in shows/ But there's a lot about him that you might not know,” Fallon sang. “Like what?” Smith replied. “Actor? Rapper?” Fallon asked. “Nah, pleadin’ the fifth,” Smith said. “Jimmy, let’s teach ‘em all somethin’ about Will Smith,” he continued before they launched into the singer-actor’s biography.

The duo kicked things off in 1985 while referencing the “Fresh Prince” era.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 7
Smith and Fallon gave a memorable performance.NBC

“Jeff’s the DJ, I'm the rapper/ You can call him Jazz, you can call me dapper/ Then I was rappin’ just to make bus fare/ Then I moved in with my auntie and uncle in Bel-Air,” Smith said.

“I don’t gotta tell you that show was awesome, every Monday night, before an all-new ‘Blossom,’” Fallon countered.

“Six whole years I lived with the Banks, so if you can dance the Carlton, I still give thanks,” Smith sang before the duo then did the popular dance.

They then went on to chronicle Smith’s prolific movie career.

“What you gonna do when you hear the siren noise/ Me and Martin, a couple of 'Bad Boys'/ 'Independence Day,' aliens on my turf You invading us, nah/ Welcome to Earth!" Smith belted out.

They referenced other Smith films, too, from early efforts like “Six Degrees of Separation” to "Ali" and other ones that you may have forgotten about, like “I Am Legend,” “Wild Wild West” and “Anchorman 2.”

At one point, they take on “Men in Black,” with a trio of dancers behind them dressed as agents from the film.

“Agent J, Men in Black, keepin’ a file so y’all could get jiggy with us Big Willie style,” Smith rapped before they all performed the dance made famous in his 1997 music video for “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.”

They addressed the time Smith went bungee jumping and wrapped it up by calling out some of his other roles.

“Aladdin ain’t never ever had a friend like me/ And I turned into a pigeon in my last movie/ So whether G, Genie, matchmaker, fish or a bird,” Smith said. “You’re a good man,” Fallon sang. “Bad Boy for life,” Smith interjected, in reference to his “Bad Boys” franchise. “Ya heard?” they both said in conclusion.

This is hardly the first time Smith and Fallon have collaborated, either.

The duo got into a beatboxing jam back in 2015 and Smith made a series of over-the-top entrances in 2016. They also performed classic TV theme songs in 2018, all of which makes us wonder what they can possibly do to top themselves.