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Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon are 'Two' good as beatboxing duo on 'Tonight'

Will Smith teamed up with Jimmy Fallon on "Tonight" to do a beatboxing jam of the 1988 hit "It Takes Two."
/ Source: TODAY

One of the many things that was likely going through "Tonight Show" fans' heads earlier this week, when Jimmy Fallon introduced his show's sojourn to LA with a remake of the intro to "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," was this: Where was Will Smith?

Answer: Planning to show up on Thursday night for a beatbox jam with Fallon to the 1988 hit "It Takes Two," of course.

Sure, it would have been awesome if Smith had showed in the hilarious send up of his classic 1990s show, but this move hearkened back to the career that made him famous in the first place — rapping.

Fallon brought out an iPad and began fiddling with Loopy, an app created by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, the pair behind the "It Takes Two" hit. Pretty soon the app was sending out beats and Smith and Fallon were bobbing their heads like guys looking for the right moment to leap on a moving train.

And then, it happened: Smith laid down some vocal beats, and Fallon yelped. With the musical layers in place, they leapt up from the desk and into the tune — with extra help from The Roots and the audience!

Watch all of the craziness in the video, and check out the original below:

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