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Will Smith celebrates his 50th birthday with a bungee jump over the Grand Canyon

The Fresh Prince went from "pure terror to absolute bliss" on his birthday.
/ Source: TODAY

Will Smith celebrated his 50th birthday by going from "pure terror to absolute bliss."

The star actor faced one of his biggest fears when he leapt backward out of a helicopter and bungee-jumped into the Grand Canyon on Tuesday, which was live-streamed on his YouTube channel.

Smith was joined by his wife, actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, sons Trey and Jaden, daughter Willow, and former "Fresh Prince" co-star Alfonso Ribeiro, who witnessed Smith's 1,000-foot leap into the Grand Canyon.

His wife rode the same rollercoaster of terror, happiness and then relief.

Smith had been challenged to make the jump by YouTube stars Yes Theory and decided to face his fears in his latest act as Hollywood's newest YouTube vlogger.

He also performed the jump to raise money for Education Cannot Wait, a global fund that aims to provide education to children in crisis-affected areas. Smith also used it to raise awareness of the educational programs from international advocacy organization Global Citizen, facing his fears for a good cause.

"I’ve had an interesting relationship with fear my whole life,'' he said on the live stream. "We drove to the Grand Canyon (when I was younger), and I remember having a deeply meaningful experience of how beautiful it was, but I was terrified of walking to the edge.

"All my family walked up to the edge but I stayed back, too scared to take in the beauty. I’ve made it a point in my life to attack anything that I’m scared of."

Thankfully for Smith, his bungee experience ended better than the jump by Trevor, Ashley's fiance in a 1993 episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Smith's leap had people celebrating and hyperventilating like they were the ones hanging from the helicopter.

He can now cross that one off the bucket list. Considering former president George H.W. Bush went skydiving on his 90th birthday, we can only imagine what Smith might have in store for his 60th.