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Will Mike Wallace move to NBC?

Legendary newsman is in talks with Peacock network
/ Source: The Associated Press

There’s no retiring in Mike Wallace. The “60 Minutes” legend said Friday he’s been talking to NBC News about a job.

(MSNBC is a joint venture between NBC and Microsoft.)

“They’ve been talking with me off-and-on for some time about coming over there,” Wallace told The Associated Press. “At the moment, I want to stay where I am.”

Wallace, who turns 88 on May 9, has been at CBS News since 1963.

Wallace announced in March that he would retire later this spring as a regular “60 Minutes” correspondent. He’s been with the newsmagazine since it started in 1968.

An NBC News spokeswoman would not discuss the extent of the network’s interest in Wallace.

“He’s a legendary newsman and we’d be crazy not to take his call,” said Allison Gollust. “Beyond that, we don’t comment on negotiations.”

Wallace said that NBC has “suggested to me if I might be interested that they would very much like me to come over.” But he said, “I’m not having serious talks with them.”

CBS News recently landed an NBC News talent — Katie Couric — who has some 40 years less experience than Wallace.