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Will Mary-Kate be the model twin?

Mary-Kate Olsen is said to be mulling a mega-bucks contract to become the new face of Calvin Klein.
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Will Mary-Kate Olsen follow in Kate Moss’s footsteps?

The former child sitcom star is said to be mulling a mega-bucks contract to become the new face of Calvin Klein.

The younger (by two minutes) half of the Olsen twins, stands five-feet, two-inches and was admitted to a clinic last year for an eating disorder. Still, she and sister Ashley are considered style icons by some, as the New York Times noted earlier this year, “In fact the twins are trendsetters for the latest hipster look.”

“[Calvin Klein] who famously launched the career of waif-like Kate Moss in a series of ads, wants Mary-Kate. . .  to be featured in a campaign for his upcoming high-end collection,” according to an upcoming issue of InTouch Weekly.

A spokeswoman for the designer, when contacted by The Scoop, wouldn’t comment on the story, but if indeed such a deal is in the works, it’s unknown how it would impact the Olsens’ clothing line at Wal-Mart.

Bloom is off the rose
The bloom is definitely off the brief romance between Sienna Miller and Orlando Bloom.

The "Lord of the Rings" hunk was spotted looking quite cozy with Jude Law’s two-timed fiancée, but now, Bloom is apparently back with his on-again-off-again sweetie, Kate Bosworth.

Bosworth is shooting “Superman Returns” in Australia, and there have been reports that she rekindled her relationship with Aussie model Lundi Shackleton. But Bloom recently flew to Sydney to spend time with Bosworth. “She’s such a talented actress, she’s a beautiful girl, she’s a beautiful person and we are having a great time together,” he was quoted as saying by the Aussie press.

Notes from all overMeanwhile, Sienna Miller was spotted walking around with nasty-looking scratches on arm, which a friend attributed to an accident while she was swimming — not her nanny-loving honey, Jude Law.  . . . Terry Gilliam wants to make a movie about Don Quixote starring Johnny Depp, but there’s a problem: he claims the script is being held ransom. “I can’t get my script back,” the director of “The Brothers Grimm” told the Calgary Sun. “The German investors in the original film are suing the French investors who are holding the script ransom.”   . . . Heath Ledger says he didn’t enjoy smooching Jake Gyllenhaal in the man-on-man romantic cowboy flick, “Brokeback Mountain.” IGN  FilmForce interviewed Matt Damon and Ledger, stars of “The Brothers Grimm,” and Ledger confessed that making “Brokeback Mountain” was “tough. It was a lonely experience, but it was definitely a real sense of accomplishment once I finished. It scared me [bleep]less.” What scared him? “You know, the idea I had to make out with Jake Gyllenhaal for one, which just wasn’t the easiest thing to do,” Ledger replied. “You found making out with me pretty easy though,” Damon quipped. “It was dark and I was drunk,” Ledger joked. “This was daytime and there was a lot of lights.”

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