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Will K-Fed return to Shar Jackson?

Britney Spears is worried that her soon-to-be ex hubby will return to his former sweetie, Shar Jackson,
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Will Kevin Federline have a boomerang romance?

Britney Spears is worried that her soon-to-be ex hubby will return to his former sweetie, Shar Jackson, according to In Touch Weekly. Three years ago, Spears lured Federline away from the then-pregnant Jackson, and now K-Fed is getting closer to Jackson again, “insiders” tell the mag.

“Shar was always there for Kevin,” a source tells ITW. “When things were really bad with Britney, she was a rock for him.”

One of Kevin’s friends explains, “Shar was his first love — plus, he’s been saying how hot she looks,” since she had plastic surgery last year.

The two are not officially an item — in fact, K-Fed has been spotted out with dancer Jade Ashley. Still, the mag reports that “friends say it’s just a matter of time” until the two former lovebirds are reunited.

Is Britney miffed at manager?Meanwhile, it looks like Spears might also be having man problems of another sort: with her manager.

Spears has hit a rough patch with her manager, Larry Rudolph, according to several reports, including one in Us.

“There is tension,” a source tells the mag. “He’s been trying to get her to get help, and she doesn’t feel she needs it.”

The source also claims that Spears is “miffed” at Rudolph for pushing her into rehab. Says another insider: “She only wants people around her whom she trusts as she works towards her comeback.”

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