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Will Holmes make Cruise sign a prenup?

Will Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have a prenup?
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Will Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have a prenup?

Sources say they will, and according to one report, that’s why Cruise and his preggers fiancée are taking so long to get hitched. Holmes’s father, Martin, is a lawyer and is representing his daughter in the negotiations, reports the upcoming issue of The Star.

Martin Holmes “is playing hardball with the prenup negotiations,” according to the tab, which quotes a source as saying that Holmes wants to make sure that his daughter will receive “a lump sum payment in the millions if the marriage should dissolve before the five-year mark.”

Such terms are unusual for a prenup, which usually awards a spouse more money for a longer marriage, but, the source tells the mag: “The Holmes family would never tell Katie if they thought her marriage was doomed from the get-go, but they are pressuring her to hold out not only to protect her interests, but those of her child.”

Holmes and Cruise’s rep didn’t return calls for comment, but noted divorce attorney Raoul Felder told The Scoop, “Given Tom’s history, if they don’t have a prenup, forget a lawyer, they need psychiatrists.”

Love is magicDoes Harry Potter have a girlfriend?

Fans of the Potter movies and the wildly popular books they’re based on are buzzing that Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has been getting awfully cozy lately with make-up artist Amy Byrne.

Radcliffe, 16, has been spotted around town with and visiting the home of 23-year-old Byrne, whom he met on the set of “Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.” Radcliffe regularly makes the hour-long trip from his parents’  home to Byrne’s and reportedly spends hours chatting with her.

“Yes, Daniel and Amy are good friends,” Radcliffe’s rep told The Courier Mail of Queensland, Australia. “Daniel has many friends. There is no more to it than a friendship. Daniel is a very social person and he goes round to people’s houses a lot.”

Notes from all overHere’s one reason not to lie when interviewing for a job: Tyra Banks did and it nearly killed her. The model-turned talk-show host confessed that to land her first modeling gig, she fibbed and said that she could swim. “I almost drowned,” she reveals on Thursday’s "Tyra Banks Show".  . . .Looks like Jude Law’s personal woes are hurting his professional life. Sony recently cancelled its Oscar campaign and moved back the opening date for “All the King’s Men,” starring Law and Sean Penn. Sony said it was because the movie is “unfinished,” but according to the London Sunday Times, execs at the studio were alarmed by the reaction of test audiences in focus groups. “The viewers praised Penn but came down hard on [Law], whose love life has come to resemble that of Alfie, the philanderer he played last year,” according to the paper.  . . . Antonio Banderas is blasting the way that Hollywood treats older women. “Sometimes you feel like they just go for fresh breasts,” the “Legend of Zorro” star told the London Mirror. “Getting old is a good thing, a natural thing, and we should respect it,” he says. That, he adds, is why he has forbidden his wife Melanie Griffith from getting more plastic surgery. “This lust for beauty is a terrible thing.”

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