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Will Ferrell 'joins' U.S. World Cup team, vows to 'bite every German player'

Worried that Team USA will falter in Thursday’s rainy World Cup showdown with Germany? Don’t be. Will Ferrell is lacing up his soccer cleats and coming off the bench.

OK, not exactly. At a raucous pep rally for fans in Recife, Brazil, Wednesday, U.S. Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati introduced the “Anchorman” star as a mock replacement player on the team.

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Ferrell emerged before the cheering crowd looking fierce despite wearing an overly snug game uniform. “I’m not gonna lie to you; I’m not in the best shape,” Ferrell admitted. “I’m not in soccer shape right now. But I’m gonna try my best.”

The comedian’s real athletic prowess lies above the neck, anyway.

“If the game gets close, I will bite,” Ferrell promised, alluding to Luis Suárez, the Uruguay striker who was slapped with a four-month suspension Thursday for chomping an Italian opponent.

“I will bite every German player, if I have to!” Ferrell declared.

Here's hoping the rest of the team is more goal-oriented.